Google plans to reconcile Bluetooth's cell phone over your device


Google is adding an extra step to ensure Bluetooth leaders and speakers are easier to use. pair on Android. Now remember your Google account your Pair Fast compatible headphones that you used and move the link to another phone automatically.

It's not a new Android feature in Fast Pair: it was launched first October last year. However, the abduction has been slow, even with JayBirds creating some Fast Pair ears. Google's knowledge today also promotes more support from Anker and even Bose. Moving up a bit further, Google also has a & # 39; Bring Fast Pair to Chrome books next year with the same features.

As it was, it turned on Fast Pocket mobile phones and speakers will; automatically activate your 6.0+ Android phone, and print it off; prevention process. With this update, your Google account will remember the mobile phones you paid, and then send the information to other smartphones on which you are inserted. Apple & AirPods follow equal mode almost equal, a & # 39; including synchronization with Apple ID to move over devices.

It is a useful tool for what should be a normal feature in Bluetooth high-definition destinations, especially with the number of phone numbers that reduce phone numbers and earbuds USB-C a & # 39; take place slowly.

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