Google to launch feature that allows users to leave in the search results ideas – News Technology, Firstpost

Google aims to launch a new feature that allows users to leave in the comments that others can see.

Although the feature has not yet survived, the official Google help document has defined how it would work, the Investigator Engineer recited on 17 November.

The feature gives some of certain species that are often found on social media platforms. Users will only be able to read comments to other people's opinions, they will be able to "think" or "unhappy" their opinions " Google Search results.

Google Logo

Google Logo

It may also allow users to submit comments to sporting games as long as they live.

The comments, however, are subject to Google policies for content users who have investigated.

"Non-compliant comments could not be shown," said the Google support document.

"Your comments are public, so a person can see what you are writing. The name on a page About yourself is shown by your ideas. You can not comment unnamed to add, "he said.

This means that you can not leave any comments on search results without logging in.

They will also be able to delete their ideas or delete their ideas.

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