Head of Retail Shop and Apple Online Store, Angela Ahrendts, leaving before April

Angela Ahrendts at an Apple retail venue at the Manhattan Union Square in 2016.
Photograph: Eric Risberg (AP)

The sales head and Apple's online sources, former Burberry Commander Angela Ahrendts, who left the technological giant after five years, report CNN on Tuesday.

Ahrendts was not only one of the highest paid operators at his & # 39; company, but the only female chief executive at the time of appointment in 2014. According to CNN's report, Apple first released on Ahrendts "as part of its efforts to strengthen its presence in China , "Where the company has been seeing recent recent sales in the widespread national economy and ongoing warfare with the US As the Wall Street Journal said, Apple has also faced problems More widely for mobile sales in the past few months – industry journalists and studies have said that many of the reasons are changing, and none of them have changed the "iPhones" sales have been declining 15% to $ 51.98 billion over the three months ending in December, the company's largest sales time. "

Ahrendts is officially leaving April for new personal and professional activities, "Apple said.

"I want to thank Angela for the promotion and promotion of our teams over the last five years," Chief Executive Tim Cook told the statement. "She has been a fantastic, transformation, both for Apple stores and the communities they are attending. We all pray her as well as her & # 39; start a new chapter. "

Write the magazine:

Due to Apple's most prestigious running, Ms. The chief executive Ahrendts has expanded sizable sales that stopped his company's luxury appeal and, recently, close observers say it was able to make Apple's sales market strategy but not He changed much to a large extent under his tenancy.

"It does not appear to have been a positive perspective," said Mark Cohen, a director of analyzes at Columbia Business School. "Although they made some noise about creating a community center out of their shop, I do not think they had any draw."

Mrs. Ahrendts had received support from Apple's board over the years and was regarded as a perpetrator. The Chief Executive of Tim Cook, who is close to the board.

As mentioned Adweek's Josh Sternberg on Twitter, Ahrendts was a subject of a Vogue Business profile just last week.

CNN said that the current deputy head of human resources Deirdre O Brien, a 30-year-old old person at the company, taking over the tenancy of Ahrendts in a new post that has been expanded as senior and senior salesman and people. "

As Ars Technica noted, O & Brien has been on supervising professional development and training and education programs within for 70,000 sales staff; company, so that's not an unusual option as it could appear. The Journal said that O Bria already has some related roles, which are also well-offset by her new situation, such as the introduction of an application. It might be an attempt to choose Apple's old Apple instead of Ahrendts to & # 39; trying to avoid a similar situation with one in 2012, when the company had John Browett as a salesman and left just six months later when he was a "poor" cultural poor " .

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