Here is now NASA said farewell to Kepler spatial telescope – BGR

NASA needed to plan for the unexpected death of Kepler exoplanet-hunt spell telescope a few weeks ago. The spacecraft, which had already found thousands of new plans, ran out of fuel and did not; He can continue with his science studies. Now, NASA has said a good night to his trustworthy telescope.

In a new post, NASA's Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory tells what he needed to officially send Kepler to grazings. Believe it or not, it's pretty much more complex than just jumping in.

According to JPL, a marine vacuum fuel tank will leave its spaceboat from a "#; making more science but still needed a set of order to ensure that the telescope was not woke up. This is how he went down:

The Kepler team was disrupting the safety procedures. Unable to install the systems unfortunately, and its & # 39; Broadcast communication by installing shutdown. Because the spacecraft is a & # 39; Spin slowly, Keple's team needed to make the orders difficult for the spaceship to get directions during impossible communication times. The team monitors space space to ensure the orders are successful. The spacecraft is now moving in an orbit around its & # 39; sunrise, 94 million miles away from Earth.

Deleting Kepler is a bit of something. The spacecraft has made such an amazing look that it is difficult to accept that its amazing running is over. NASA is also expressing its sense and created a video ready for removing material.

This is not clear to the end of NASA's exoplanet hunting attempts, and a new hardship as the Spanish Web Telescope James Webb should make better results for the future.

Image Source: NASA

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