Wednesday , April 8 2020
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I hope Mueller trung it

Athe at least one democratically agrees that the Trump President will provide clear consultation.

Ted Lieu producer said he hoped that CNN's Chris Cuomo would have the result of Robert Mueller's special guidance into Russia in the 2016 president's election.

"The best possible result is that if Robert Mueller got Donald Trump completely innocent as I do not want our president to be involved in fighting a foreign power, "said the lawyer in California. "Now, if the report comes out and will put Donald Trump over, we'll move forward."

But if that does not do so, a member of the Judicial Committee said, a decision must have a " Transport what it does, including investigating other aspects of crime such as power misuse, opposition to evidence and the prevention of justice.

The Democrats have promised to look at Trump and his administration, which will include a & # 39; trying to get her tax credits. Mueller has yet to release a report that defines the results of the research, which started in 2017 and has so far been in the process of publishing the results. opposing 36 people, including the chairman of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort, deputy Rick Gates, and long-term candidate Trump and Michael Cohen Vice-

"Despite what Robert Mueller's report shows, there are inquiries from the South of New York, there are general state care audits. This is going to to ensure that the crimes that Donald Trump could have and their involvement in research, "said Lieu.

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