It has been 5 days since five people died after fighting in class. Her father was not told what had happened

Ten-year-old Raniya Wright died two days after injuries suffered when a fight began in a schoolroom at Forest Hills Primary School in Walterboro, South Carolina, about an hour. driving west over Charleston.

Authorities have not provided information about its injuries or maintenance.

Wright's father Jermaine Van Dyke will talk to reporters on Monday morning at an external conference outside school, according to the delegates.

"So far, Jermaine Van Dyke has not been given any relevant information from the school officers or the enforcement of local law regarding the death of his daughter while he has been in the care and care of the school area," said the person. T presented by David Aylor in Friday's statement. "Overall, it is confusing about the lack of communication and hesitation to allow access to videos and search results related to this issue."

Aylor and other lawyer Mark Peper will give an update on their research, said the report. T

What we know about the fighting and Raniya's wound

Raniya He suffered serious injuries when a fight took place on Monday in her classroom, school officials said. It is not clear what happened to the conflict.

Officials say they have stopped the fight and that Raniya was taken to the school's nurse station. According to the sheriff's incident report, Raniya was unconscious when a paramedics arrived and took her to a nearby hospital. Later he was taken to South Carolina Medical University in Charleston, where she died on Wednesday.

Colleton County's Sheriff Office said two fifth-stage students were involved in the fight, which the authorities said were a "physical change" that did not mean armament.

Authorities have not said how Raniya was injured and officials have not explained the type and extent of injury.

The sheriff's office and Duffie Stone, Solicitor for the 14th century decision in South Carolina, confirmed that all forecourts at the University of Medicine had autopsy Raniya on Friday but he said the results would not be distributed for several weeks.

Raniya, right, is pictured with her mother in this image on the GoFundMe page to raise gifts for the family.

No one was arrested and the authorities have not imposed a criminal offense associated with the death of Raniya, the sheriff's office said. Stone said it was too long to accept any recorded criminal charges.

The County Colleton School Board made its first thoughts on Raniya's death after a special Thursday meeting to discuss the CNN event, which was launched by the CNN event.

However, those present were so angry and they got a bit of information about the event, according to the station.

"Our board and the surrounding area have received a number of requests for information. As a result of the on-going monitoring and student confidentiality laws, we are unable to share specific information at this time," said Tim Mabry, Chairperson of the School Board, in a ready report. , according to WCSC.

Grandfather says Raniya is a good girl!

Raniya's grandfather said she would not be involved in oppression.

Hundreds of people who put out their hands and prayed for Wright on a Thursday.

Animals were packed with pink planted by the villagers of 5,100.

Raniya's grandfather said that it would be a young girl who would not be involved in oppression.

“I just want to say one thing: my great granddaughter was a good girl. You knew, she was, like, 10 years old, so the sort of man she was, she was a man in the church. lots, you know … it's just, good for going, "Ernie Wright told CNN." I mean, as far as violence or anything like that, it doesn't. "

Death leaves a gap that will never be filled;

Raniya's family said; # she loved her since becoming a great sister; most of all.

In a statement released on Friday by lawyers Margie A. Pizarro and Myesha L. Brown, Raniya's family said she had been a remarkable and highly-regarded student.

"She enjoyed playing basketball, spending time with her friends and being a young guest of her church, but Raniya was a great sister. Despite all, the rest will not be filled, and her family are struggling to become aware of the event that gave her life, "said the statement.

They asked for publicity and accountability around Raniya's death.

“In Raniya's name, the family wants to change. A change that addresses the reasons that a child will be worried about going to school. A change that deals with legitimate concerns a child has when he is in the school building. Where there is no investigation, such as damage is the result of vandalism, "continued this statement.

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