It is expected that Lawrenceburg's children's attack was brought back to Tennessee

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – Scottsboro Police certified that they arrested a man in Lawrenceburg who wanted to relate to the 16-month-old child's arrest.

Simon Dean Porter, 33, was arrested Sunday when he was on Highway 79 at Scottsboro. Scottsboro Detective Inspector Zackie Gant said Porter had seen someone and told authorities.

Porter is arrested by Lawrenceburg Police Department for a rare emergency of a child. The police said the event took place on November 10.

The child is being treated at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville.

The keeper will be held at the Scottsboro City Prison and will be transferred to Jackson County Prison.

Lawrenceburg police came to Scottsboro afternoon to build and return Porter to Tennessee where he is waiting for a complaint in the " this case.

We will continue to update this development story as we work to gather more information.

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