James Hetfield's flag to come to Netflix

James Hetfield see his first job on Netflix later this year, after cutting $ 9 million over the film Very seriously sorry, badly shy and poorSouth Westerly

An Metallica Bob Hayward's playwright in the true crime story about & # 39; The Ted Bundy, dead and rapist, played by Zac Efron. Utah Highway Patrolman, Bundy, who was arrested has been a key factor in his execution later in 1989 for about 30 women killed.

Hetfield joined the project as a result of its director, Joe Berlinger, who led the controversial program of Metallica 2004 Monster RingSouth Westerly

You can watch Hetfield in the movie train below.

Note that Very seriously sorry, badly shy and poor has been the subject of an application war after it has been shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival. an Hollywood Reporter He explained the $ 9 million as "a riot," and noted that "Netflix will give a pic prizes season in fall."

Last year's affirmation of Hetfield, Berlinger said, "After spending hundreds of hours behind the scenes along with James and his rest of Metallica, I learned her charisma and her powerful presence nearby. it was natural that he would give the same power and magnetism to an amazing role, and so when he agreed to me that he was in the movie, I was very happy. "

Berlinger – who also wrote the documentary Discussions with Killer: Tapan Ted Bundy, which is now available on Netflix – criticizing some of the places after its first appearance of Very seriously sorry, badly shy and poor, with some of the reports explaining that he had saved "the boy" the person who killed him and showed him as something of a rock star.

"If you've always watched the movie, the last thing we're doing is" Berlinger answer"The end is at the end, but we show the knowledge of how a person suffers from that psychopathic sugary."

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