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Jeff Bezos investigator: Saudi Arabia received private information

"Our inspectors and a number of experts with great confidence decided that the Saudis had access to the Bezos phone, and received private information," wrote Gavin de Becker in a Daily Beast commentary published on Saturday. He did not provide a compelling evidence to support the charges against the Saudi government. De Becker said that his results were presented to the uniformed officers and that he would not share the information on the research in the opinion of those officers, saying, "I expect it will be a day of writing." today as my last public statement of the matter.

He added that it was not clear that the National Auditor of American Media Inc., or AMI, was a parent who was "aware of the information."

AMI's Becker reply to CNN's Business on Sunday claimed that he was responsible for one well, the brother of Sanchez, Michael Sanchez, for his story.

“In the face of false and unsustainable claims by Mr de Becker, American media have still refused to reject the unsustainable claims that our materials have been received with the help of anybody) t but the one well we gave you first. t no other third parties had any interest.

Saudi Arabia criticizes any relationship with the story Bezos, according to Becker. Saudi Arab and Becker officials did not respond to CNN's requests for comments on the option over the weekend.

The De Becker article builds the tabloid exposé in the National Inquirer of romantic friendship between the Billionaire Amazon CEO and Sanchez, which previously anchored Fox's local station in Los Angeles. Bezos has included an attempt by AMI to remove them for the removal of Saudi government – which is said to have links with AMI and is confused with the ownership of owner-owned Bezos. Bezos about the columnist that was murdered Jamal Khashoggi – by President Donald Trump. AMI says that is not true.
Writing for the Daily Beast, Bezos & # 39; the surveyor Gavin de Becker declared that the Saudi government was providing evidence about Bezos & # 39; a friendly relationship with the National Solicitor in response to the Washington Post & 39 coverage; the first death at the death of Jamal Khashoggi & # 39;

In the Daily Beast, de Becker wrote that he and his team talked to current and former AMI activists and stores, information workers in the Middle East, spies and disagreements. Saudi, as well as present and former consultants to Trump, among others, before reaching their decision.

The National Inspector tried to "give a strong citizen a strong citizen"[Saudi Arabia’s] the leadership of the country wanted harm, damaging and harassment, "according to Becker.
The president has repeatedly criticized both Bezos and the Washington Post, who has his own links with the American media.

The chair of AMI, David Pecker, is a long-term friend of Trump and the Enquirer was one of Trump's most trusted and enthusiastic media promoters during the campaign. The publisher has accepted payment of $ 150,000 in collaboration with members of the Trump president campaign to halt such an application from Playboy for Karen McDougal subject to Trump from the 2016 race. Trump rejected the issue.

Fiscal protestors eventually struck a non-fiscal agreement with the publisher, effectively providing fees for AMI over his career in securing money from the personal solicitor of Trump, Michael Cohen.
A divorce. Supermarket tablet. Partnership Application - Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer
De Becker believes the texts and illustrations by Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have been shared with the National Inspector Michael Sanchez.

But Becker says the National Enquirer knew of the messages before he came to Sanchez. Sanchez told CNN Business that AMI was already trying on a story about the friendship when he came to him. He added that Becker's latest version of the book included "evangelism".

In his statement, AMI said: “The issue is, Michael Sanchez presented the National Advocate to take place on 10 September, 2018, and over a period of four months brought all the materials for our scrutiny. . "The spokesman also said Sanchez's continued efforts to debate and represent our documentary, and to his / her job, are to preserve and preserve any confidentiality."

De Becker says that the first is an Arab Arab government. He said the Saudi leadership wanted Bezos to harm Bezos as a result of the Washington Post coverage of Khashoggi's death. Khashoggi, who had been criticizing Saudi Arabia and Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, was killed and dismantled in the Arab Arab Emirates in Istanbul in the fall.

The Saudis have portrayed moving stories of the evil Khashoggi, first breaking down any information before discovering that there was a group of rogue activists, many of whom had the inner circle at bin Salman. , depending on the death of the journalist. Riyadh has claimed that bin Salman or King Salman had no experience of the Khashoggi target. However, US officials have argued that such a mission – 15 men from Riyadh – could not do without consenting to a Salman bin. T

The Washington Post has been working closely with the event, and Bezos was the target of a pro-Saudi initiative run by social media Saudi and journalist Saudi after the death of Khashoggi; request that Amazon and Souq, an e-commerce site with Amazon, be avoided.
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Bezos himself asked the link to the link between AMI and Saudi Arabia in a floating blog post which it released in February last year that AMI was trying to get in touch with the message that it's right.

In the post, Bezos said that AMI had been "examined for a range of actions they carried out on behalf of the Saudi Government."

He noted the story of Associated Press about the AMI's publication of a glittering journal that commemorated Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the United States in April 2018. AMI criticized that Saudis had led the production of results. Pay or pay, but the RA said that it was three weeks before the prince arrived, the media firm sent a copy to the Saudi embassy, ​​which he then distributed to officers who were then sharing it with policy makers. t Washington. AMI said they did not share a copy of the report with Saudis, AP said in their story.

De Becker also mentioned the story as evidence of a relationship between AMI and the Saudi government.

Saudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir has recently denied any connection between his country and AMI to CNN.

—— Brian Stelter, CNN, Oliver Darcy, Tom Kludt, Nicole Gaouette, Nada Altaher, Chandler Thornton and Sheena McKenzie.

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