Jet Airways' pilot pilots will be entered for a break

Staff introduce a cockpit window of a Jet Airways aircraft which is parked at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, India, on 26 March 2019. Dealbh Reuters Photograph "itemprop = In a bid to end a huge ban proposed with a section of aircraft maintenance pilots and engineer, Jet Airways announced on Saturday that he will be paying the staff wages for December.

In an e-mail to staff, the chief executive officer of Jet Vinay Dube said: "You are also committed to getting the Board of Directors and management team ready to work as quickly as possible to the agreed resolution plan. T the application of consortia of Indian lenders in the best interests of our operations and building a sustainable future for the airline.

“These are complex processes and are carried beyond what we expected so we can only allocate your outstanding salary for December 2018. We understand t This motion does not raise the financial pressures each of them is making and we do not accept sacrifices altogether. "

Dube again said: "We continue to work on additional funding as we have left and will advise you of the outstanding debt arrears when the vacancy comes. The money was imported. "

The call for non-co-operation with members of the Jet Airways piloting union was decided to stop running out if their fees were not paid and clarity on the company's discharge plan was given. T before 31 March.

So the 1,000-strong pilot body of pilots linked to the test group might choose to stop air duties if they are not given proper information about the company's financial plan.

But the airline claims that the vital number of flights are going to work on its fleet at the moment.

"They don't affect Monday's operations," said an officer.

But most of Jet Airways' pilots have said they needed to prove from the State State of India (SBI) over the clearances to prevent them from going on big leave.

IPS's high pilot said: "We need direct confirmation from the new leaders, who are led by the SBI."

“The commitment should be about the date on which our fees will be paid and clarification of the future of the airline. If such a promise is made, we could repeat a case of major leave, ”said the pilot.

According to other pilots, less than 30 aircraft work on the airline and even AME (aircraft maintenance engineers) carry on a big change.

Pilots, including AMEs, have not been paid for the last four months.

On Monday, a consortium of banks, led by the SBI, had agreed to bring in additional funds to the company.

A senior member of the Guild Aviator Society told IANS in Mumbai: "If such undertakings are received, the committee (society) will request pilots to take up – it will depend on what most people have to offer." want. "

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