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Kathie Lee Gifford says she is developing, # 39; she doesn't retire and takes over the exhibition 'Today';

Kathie Lee Gifford will say farewell to NBC's "Today" show on Friday. And it is about to be a fun pastime for the ages. There will be a live studio audience, "amazing guests, amazing celebrations, adventures, games, show days," said network resources.

The "Today" certainly shows how it will take these times. This time is incompatible because Gifford is unique: She has been a victim of the people's TV screens for 25 years. The fourth hour at Gifford de "Today" by Hoda Kotb is about a family, friendship, religion, sport … How the best TV shows throughout the day are about companionship … The stars are has fallen at the weekend… t
Some morning cooperation: Lester Holt interviewed Gifford on Thursday "Newsly News." She said: "Everything" by Kotb "is coming out of a real relationship." She said: "It's the time it is producing. "Our party is welcome." "We have the best time and this doesn't cost anyone. It's not interesting."

Holt asked: "Kathie Lee does not let her go, you … what?" Gifford: "Evolve!"

→ NBC News prez Noah Oppenheim said earlier that "Kathie Lee's plane has been recent with film, music and book projects," and "she has come to notice the efforts of her t full time creative … " t

Diana Miller on "CBS" This Morning "

The news room was highly praised when CBS News's new president Susan Zirinsky announced that Diana Miller was encouraging Thursday. T She has been an effective representative on "CBS yesterday morning" since Ryan Kadro spent three months ago. But now the E.P. there is an official title …

Milestone for morning TV

For the first time, there are female female producers at the three network morning programs: Miller at CBS, GMA Roxanna Sherwood, "Libby Leist" today, "This is my full story.

BTW: To this day, I didn't understand that the NBC News program every weekday had E.P women. Including Jackie Levin, who runs an hour of 9 hours of "Today," a 10-hour Tammy Fuller, and Jenn Suozzo at Nightly .. . "


– President Trump is visiting Calexico, California, and visiting some of the border … t

– Variety hosts dìnnear Power of Women: New York at Cipriani Midtown …

– The International Festival of Journalism continues in Perugia, Italy.

Check out this week's podcast "Reliable"

Now you may have heard of a researcher and journalist Jessikka Aro who was awarded the prize by the Department of State. Something went wrong, and the prize was returned. The Democrats have talked about Capitol Hill about this strange matter. But I didn't hear much from Aro himself.
So I was connected to it in Helsinki for this week's podcast. Did the State Department put its prize high that it made necessary nails about President Trump? He must have been like that. She asks for answers – and she is not alone. We talked about everything … As well as her continuing commentary on the Russian propaganda device … Listen to the pod through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, or your favorite app …


– POT Times's “Oval Special Office Office interview” had been interviewed by Washington Times editor with POTUS … Hurt asked Barbara Bush to criticize him as he had been told in Susan's new book.
– Herman Cain, the Fox News correspondent to August 2018, is proposed by Trump "for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board" … (CNN)
– Howard Schultz fielded Fox's Night … Thursday night, it was the first village hall to be networked in the 2020 season … (Fox)
Read more of the newsletter "Reliable Sources" Thursday … And a subscription here to find future journals in your inbox … t
– As expected, Tim Ryan nominated the 2020 appeal for "The View" on Thursday. What next? Eric Swalwell has chosen as the following “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” next week (The Atlantic) t

– Last night I wrote about the book Pal Palmer and Jake Sherman "The Hill to Die On." Politico publishes it after Friday … And NBC says that the authors will start broadcasting them on TV on Sunday "Meet the Press …"

Waiting and waiting for the Mueller report …

There should be a "number of days" clock on the screen?

"Washington is a huge pressure cooker at the moment," said Don Lemon on Thursday night, commenting on the stronger struggle about Robert Mueller's secret report.

Across MSNBC, Chris Hayes said that "campaigners across the country want" to spread the full report. The banner said his exhibit "The first collection from Mueller's team reveals discontent with Barr's shortlist."

It's the NYT the first thing with that news on Wednesday night. CNN and other institutions have now grown up. The WaPo is calling this "a new era of battle nearly two years old over the Russia test."

Later in the evening, a flag said a Lemon display “This could be ruled out if we could see the Mueller report…” t

→ What happens on Friday? "Soon there, we are going to learn a lot more," said Ken Dilanian, NBC on "The Last Word …"


Stephen Colbert is not surprised. Not many and many Trump critics are also there. Colbert said on "Show Late," which will be visiting on Thursday. "Last night the NYT showed that some of Mueller's crew said the Mueller's report was more damaging to Trump na Barr. T "Members of the audience OOOH & Ed." Colbert said. That was in The New York Times. But it is also the cover story for magazine NO DUH.

Today in the First World War wars … t

Madison Malone Kircher from NYMag sent this way: "The leader of the world has freed himself into a tough video of Joe Biden fondling himself." True. "It's a bit of attention," put Josh Dawsey at WaPo on a Thursday night. Also true. NYT Trump v. However, Biden launched the first page of Friday. … Anna Karni's great story "said the tweet and the video seemed like a routine party tartan, but only to be gifted by a president who had been killed by more than a dozen women sex and attack … "

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