Large blankets & Evan Engram a & # 39; opportunities to count, in a slowly reduced job

Evan Engram may no longer be a means of attacking her & # 39; Ghiants, but the tough end is to make its, Most of his opportunities over the last two weeks, even when he saw his playing time.

Engram was just targeted twice in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday 38-35 Sunday's MetLife Stadium, but did not put up a concert until 4:30 p.m. game.

After the remainder, Eli Manning left his back aboard the deep Engram for a 54-yard back to an 11-yard garden set up by Saquon Barkley to expand the New York destination to 38-28 at 3:55.

"I'm just there when my number is cited," said Engram after her game. "It was a good start to me slow, me. The team was good. But, it gave me a little to go into a rhythm to capture that one. out telling me that there is a big picture to come It's going to happen. Just be there when my number is called, that's just my mind. "

Michael Eli Manning's tour continues. TB Report Card

Engram arrested against Tampa Bay is going to be going to & # 39; Captured two routes on Giants' final driver last week 49ers.

Despite Engram's game grants, he saw his playing time to fall after a week; winter.

He got the two targets for 66 yards against the Buccaneers.

Last final night, Engram was on the field for 36 lumps, while Rhett Ellison was a See 33. Also, against the Buccaneers, there were several places in the third place where Engram was not in the field, which would be the main opportunities for a picture to move the chains over the middle.

"It's easy to allow a problem to be established," Engram entered. "But, you put that to the side, staying well, I knew something would happen. I knew my time was coming. This is a football NFL. It is very rare that you can not travel to the finish line by running the clock.

"We need to make plays. We need to complete drivers. I just live in all games, and support my people, Rhett and Scott [Simonson] worked out the hell there. It is a pack that we can to & # 39; Continue to get hard yards. However, it's a good feeling, when these times come, especially in big mammals. "

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