LG is able to carry OLED 2019 tape


It needs to be close to CES, because LG is again talking about television next year. In a post describing Alpha editors who have a & # 39; Driving its exhibitions, it showed that the OLED high quality projection in 2019 and including Alpha 9 (α9 Gen 2), the version of the CPU A9 last year . He referred to a four-stage sound reduction process and support for 120fps high-speed video (HFR). The same case? They recorded the same features last year.

What we need to be great to find out if there are any new TVs to support HDMI 2.1 status. If done, it would be possible to input HFR video through HDMI – seats this year can only be done through a USB drive. Another major contribution last year supports AI as Google Plus, and we must try to get any updates in the new seats too.

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