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Test mode of the rover Resource Prospector rover. Image via Lunar Outpost.

The aim is to return human researchers to their & # 39; moon seems to be a long distance, but there Yes progress made, and included in the private sector. Last week, the Colorado-based Lunar Outpost Airbus company, publicly published its new concept on its website. a white gun for the first time. The rover – known as Lunar Resource Prospector – was shown to drive and drive; drilled in a new lunchtime regolith at a new pond test facility, run by the Colorado Mineral School Center for Spanish Resources, on November 13, 2018.

The Lunar Resource Prospector gears are small, which include just about 22 pounds (10 kilograms). That is compared to the rover Curiosity, the current rover car-sized who explores the Gale Crater on Mars, which has a majority of 1,982 not (899 kg). However, a large part of white white trees like this appears in a dream to be in a dream; establishing a human presence on moon.

For example, these small rovers are designed to provide monitoring data for the name In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). That is, they are designed to go to the moon ahead of future crew initiatives, so that the humanities are organized more effectively and more efficiently. The rovers will "hear" for resources, They need from the future crew initiatives can not bring you all the supplies they need. Instead, they need to make use of their own moon resources, such as water, precious metal and Helium-3, which are rare on Earth.

Another confidence in dispersed / circulating drugs to the moon has learned that these resources are, on the surface of the moon. The data from the previous missions was used to create general models of the moon surface. Now, Lunar Outpost said, the models need landfill to set up the best treatment sites and work out to plan future resources resources.

Other view of roar test model Resource Prospector rover. Image via Lunar Outpost.

As set out, Lunar Analysts will independently examine the surface of the moon in groups, mapping surface and underground resources. They will travel on planned paths, and they will travel to them. avoiding obstacles and risks such as rocks and clay. Although they are particularly independent, they can also be carefully worked out if needed by human astronauts.

If the NASA's up-to-date floating platform is taken forward and built, the rovers can also be used as the main operating center.

This is all to help prepare for permanent human settlements on moon. As AJ Gemer, chief executive of the Lunar Outpost technician Inverse:

We want to have so many people living and working on their own. moon in our lives.

These rovers are different from previous rover, on Moon and Mars. On moon, they used only one rover astronauts at each of their own sites, and one or two advanced Mars on-line equipment was rovering on its own. Most for a particular resolution – such as the two MER rovers, Spirit and Opportunity friends. It's a single rover feeling, even more and more advanced.

But the Lunar Sights would work in the "criteria" of many rovers – known as Independent Lunar Drawers (ALPS). Not only can ALPS areas make a bigger map, and do not have to be used to include the way their human staff would be.

A closer look of face wheel on the test module. Image via Lunar Outpost.

So what things are like these rovers, designed and done; use of tools?

I said they are both small (22 not, or 10 kilograms) each. However, half of that is available for other payers as well as sailing and eye, and the rovers are able to penetrate into the surface of the moon and can investigate these sperms deeper than the remote atmosphere campaigns in orbit.

Large roots that also face the rovers to crack the surface for resources. travel to the highest sections of collections, similar to "window sequencing" of mineral mines. A 360 Vibration, Detection and Classification System (LIDAR) system is used to use space to create maps of surface features with an unprecedented centimeter measurement resolution. This system allows ALPS to be able to see in the dark – even in a deep fracture, heard permanently or in a long tub. A lunar view has become a real thing, and thank Lunar Inspectors!

The robots are still equipped with 4K video capabilities, which show the surface of the moon with better clarity than ever before.

Both NASA and ESA have plans for the foundation of their moon. Companies such as Lunar Outpost can help to do it. Image through ESA / Foster + Partners.

The Lunar Resource Prospector games are also economical – they can be done extensively and used for a variety of mission activities, which are essential in the spatial business, where confidence can be expensive.

Lunar Outpost is expected to announce the first mission in mid-2019.

Also, the Lunar Prospector rover should not be circulated by an independent NASA Lunar Prospector mission, launched on 6 January 1998. This goal is one base and does not He has no connection with Lunar Outpost.

By line: Although it is still a few years ago, private companies – together with NASA and other space organizations – come closer to returning to the moon, with final plans; going there to always live with human settlements. By using the latest technologies, rovers such as Lunar Resource Prospector and other confidence will be able to; bringing that dream into a bigger step closer to truth.

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