Magic Johnson decided that it is better to be just like Magic Johnson


LOS ANGELES – The Magic Johnson has had the title of his title. He had the power to direct one of the most important franchises in a sport, carte blanche.

Anything he wanted to become a leader in basketball operations in Los Angeles Lakers, he had the power to make power. Enter the coach. If you want to trade, buy. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss told him often and often.

But the only thing he really wanted to get back into the Magic Johnson.

A loving civilian leader. International significance. Lakers legend. Basketball Ambassador.

It is really so. And Magic Johnson is really good at it.

It is difficult to lead the organization of basketball operations for the Lakers. Truly, hard. And Magic Johnson never made a decision about how to be Magic in that post, so he stopped suddenly on Tuesday night.

The Lakers season is close to each other. What's next?

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As simple as its decision for everyone in the NBA, it was quite clear if it was to define itself.

"I was happier when I was not president," said Johnson. "When you go out on crafts you are not happy."

Johnson pronounced all sorts of unpleasant things about the job through a media session for a time before going out to the doors and corridors of the Staples Center before the Lakers final match.

He did not like it: "The backstabbing, the chefs. I don't like it. I don't like many things that went on that were not going on. T

“I can't help the teeth and the bad effects and things that affect this, I can't help some young men wanting them to help me, or not. I can tweet out. Like Russell Westbrook, that's great fun the other day. I could even say out, 'Hey, congratulations. # 39; If that had been done, everyone would have said that it was affected.

He did not like coming to a decision as to whether he would join Luke Walton.

Magic Johnson spent more than two years as president of the Lakers before he took up the job suddenly on Tuesday. Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE / Getty Images

"I gave the power, that same page. I could do anything I wanted to do tomorrow, but I decided to stop it," he said.

But it was not like what the reality was against this season. He couldn't pull it out of him.

There are very few instances where Magic Johnson is unable to surrender, compete or fight out of it. Those he couldn't – lecture show, Lakers coach and now president Lakers – he got away quickly.

Who needs it?

Magic Johnson died in the face when HIV was diagnosed in 1991 and decided to hit him. And he did. So he decided that anything that was left of him was going to spend just as he wanted. As he said, I got a big life. Damn, I found a big life outwith this. What animal am I doing? I got a good life. I look forward to it. "

It's a lovely way of thinking.

However, he was also a brutal issue to a woman who he thinks will be a family.

"I want to thank my sister for permission to do this," said Johnson with the owner Lakers Jeanie Buss. "I couldn't go to tell her, so I had to do it like this because we love each other."

Perhaps they are very fond of each other, but that the world tells the family before you tell your family – not to ignore your leader – a weak one.

Yes, the Lakers' president has a difficult time and if Johnson wasn't to keep him, he didn't have to keep it going. But he could have spoken to him with Buss and decided to sort it out, instead of leaving the license in a lion.

Leaving the work he did, with the license coming to one of the most important historical moments in recent times and with the present Walton situation is still very sad, feels it sounds like emerges to be hard when things can be hard.

There is a job for people who do not want to or cannot do it. They look for a way to make them, or a suitable way.

Those close to Johnson say he was "badly" affected by the allegations that followed him and continued to join him in. Seasons of this season.

When he spoke, he was always saying too much. That was how it always was and so it is so loving. Ironically, the NBA prize has been named after it, the Magic Johnson prize, which is given to the player who has the best collaboration with the media. So, as a player, he was always a druid and as a public person. It's great.

But that's not what it is. It is not in a league that only information is provided, but originated.

There was never a spell on how to play that game. The cameras are better when the cameras are on. In the blind he lost his road – and his identity.

Jeanie Buss was so impressed by the rest of the world to hear that Johnson was going out of his business. A few hours later, she got out classy recite and tweetEven when she and her Buss family had managed to sort out the situation. As well as wounded, those close to the family said they were sad, angry and unhappy.

She spent the rest of her Tuesday night with the general manager Rob Pelinka and several councilors close to the team's headquarters in El Segundo.

Johnson's words about Pelinka fell short of promising him, which left many people no surprise. Lakers' sources were shouting strongly how theist Johnson had communicated.

"Do I think Rob was the right GM?" Johnson said. “That's what Jeanie has to do. I worked well with him. I had no trouble with it. Now they say that he has a bad story. I don't know about that. To make every call, I don't want to do so.

In a three-hour meeting on Monday, Buss made it clear again that she was giving Johnson the power to make the basketball decisions for their license, including fire power. T Walton and the group he would consider taking. better relationships.

He didn't want that power or he couldn't handle it.

So now that the power is right back to where it should be – by Jeanie Buss. She has to start using it, rather than looking to give someone else.

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