Meghan Markle makes royal staff uncomfortable


It's been six months since Meghan Markle entered the royal family officially after his wedding at Prince Harry, and surprisingly, they put out the move of the bulls who attacked a scenic shift in Kensington Palace.

As well as doing its & # 39; A newer-born monarchy (she's pantsuits!) And the same rules (it was controversial for her to close her car!), Meghan is a & # 39; brings new energy to the palace by its own work. And although strong driving is usually considered at any work, the Meghan mistake makes it uncomfortable for royal employees, according to Daily MailSouth Westerly

Meghan Markle Management

"It has been said that the palace staff had never done something similar to the dramatic works of Meghan, depending on the flow of independent ideas on how to maintain their work," recites the publication.

According to the Daily Mail, Duchess Sussex starts her day at 5:00 a.m., and from there she will, Submit the palace around six or seven texts about new ideas or requests.

Although the horns are so enthusiastic, their power "up and at West Coast's job is uncomfortable with the more formal spirit of some of the palace staff."

This new report arrives a week after it has been reported that Megan's personal helper stopped him, and this became a "shock". "The success of his royal marriage was an important part and everyone in the royal family lost," said a supervisor of his former assistant. wedding.

Others have left the Palace calmly since Meghan came, and including secretary secretary Katrina McKeever, post office in September.

Commenting on Meghan and his / her; Queen Elizabeth – who implements work practices and workplace traditions at Kensington Palace – in particular BFFs, we are Bring this report with a large salt of salt.

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