Mick Jagger gets new heart surgery

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger is set to get ready in his heart after putting on the band's expedition, page six has learned.

“You can be back in work within weeks” after the approach, we are told by a well. “But all the health checks may be submitted into the travel insurance, if they can be careful” with the return of the trip.

According to Drudge Report, who initially said Jagger would perform a surgical procedure, this procedure will be held in New York City this week and Stones opponent is expected to have a high recovery. is 75 years old. Sources told the site that Jagger has “an amazing corporate situation”.

A representative for Jagger did not immediately invite Page Six requests for comment.

The North American “Filter” tour, which was due to start in a few weeks, was canceled after Jagger had been diagnosed with a sick illness.

“Doctors have advised Mick that he can't go for a walk at this time, as he needs medical treatment,” the Clachan said in a report over the weekend.

Tell a well to Page six at the time, “This is not a big thing and the band were already repeating the dates for the visit.

“I love to let you down this way,” said Jagger. “I am fortunate that I must go back but I will be working hard to get back on the road as soon as I can. Another time, again a true excuse for everyone. ”

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