Microsoft shows that Cortana is a big hit by Amazon Echo Dot

Amazingly, Microsoft lost its smart phone wars despite being & # 39; Get a big start with Windows Mobile, and get back later, Windows CE. Despite being & # 39; Getting a stranglehold / monopoly on desktop work desk, the company made a lot of unattended mobiles, and at last, it was asked. leaving a real profit business. Microsoft even Nokia in the process, which eliminated a company once.

Following smartphones, the next great voice support, and Microsoft was ready by Cortana. Unfortunately, compared to Apple and Google successful Mobile operating systems to hit their helpers, Microsoft again resumes behind from growing Windows Phone users. Online retailer Amazon came out of any place and also influenced this area. At the end, Cortana has been a bit of something; to destroy Windows 10 users. Sorry, since Cortana is very good.

But good things are also wrong, and when Microsoft published a partnership with Amazon to put Cortana to Alexa – and again – it was clear that Cortana had been convicted. The unilateral agreement welcomed Amazon. Microsoft introduced the attack of Harman Kardon as a last resort attempt to revive Cortana as an easy option for Siri, Google Helper, and Alexa, but again, customers did not want that. Also be difficult, because it was a hard hard piece; in the Invoke.

And now, as a final death to Ms. Cortana, Microsoft sells the Echo Dot directly. Yes, the Windows maker is selling his own hidden supporter. Although it's embarrassing, there is a preview – Microsoft also sells Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android. Yes, the company sells a device; run Linux that helped to destroy Windows Phone. Sigh. What's up to date? Microsoft ChromeBooks?

Microsoft may ensure that these devices are sold as a means of hitting their own services, and & # 39; There may be some truth, but they make a mistake – it's still a public embodiment. Rest in peace, Cortana.

Identity Credit: Ganna Demchenko / Shutterstock

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