Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Middle East Fortnite Renewables currently underway

Epic Games has started to release the Fortnite Mid-Season updates to all players. Medium-term updates will include a report on your current statistics and more.

Like the Realal Recap videos, Epic Games presents progress reports to players interested in the less well-known statistics.

Media middle updates vary according to the player. The example below was shared with a Twitter user @FortniteINTELLies respond.


You have done it so far until now. That means you suddenly include pneumonia and hybrid movements when you buy the battle.


Just jump into Fortnite Battle Royale and follow the battle Battle Pass. Use the glittering V-Bucks and inspire them, with a devastating impact.


And, when you buy Battle Battle and finish your weekly challenge, you cancel Ruin, the Week 8 Battle Pass Outfit!

Updates from the Middle East include statistics such as your progress at Pass Battle, the first challenge of the Weekly Challenge, overall numbers and more. What statistics can you most open for you?

It is hoped the Fortnite Season 8 will end on Wednesday, 8th May, 2019. Looking like this is just a month away, what are your views on 8th Fortnite Season? What do you think will be seen in season 9?

Many of the players feel that Epic should introduce more abstract statistics at the Battlenale stage at Fortnite? What numbers would you like to see not available at the moment?

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