Middlebury parents talk after a 10-year death to be able to talk to; die from a bacterial brain

A fourth Indiana graduate has died from bacterial brain fever. Now, Middlebury's family is talking to help them learn more about the disease.

Richard Anderson and Tasha Dipietro-Anderson have been struggling to decide their daughter's death. Abbi was just 10 years old.

Tasha says he started with an eye disease, and quickly split. Two days later, Abbi disappeared.

Her parents say they did not know why.

Bacterial brain disease is a fatal disease, but Tasha says Abbi's case was not unhappy.

They want other parents to keep their eyes open fearlessly and have their symptoms on their children. These include: the development of headaches, fever, decrease, acute or severe disease diseases.

A cashpay was set up to help you pay for medical costs. In just 3 days, nearly $ 12,000 was built.

The family remembers Abbi on February 22ndSouth Westerly

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