NASA, Lockheed Martin's construction plane, was able to see loud voicemail returning home

NASA is coming with her & # 39; most U.S. defensive Lockheed Martin to build a modern test plane that could set a way to return high passenger travel.

It is hoped that the X-59 will be able to reach a remarkable distance without creating a unique boom that can be used. sufferer who breaks her & # 39; always blocked sound.

The jet – called Concorde's Mac – is designed to reach an altitude of 55,000 feet and 940mph incredible.

Lockheed Martin said the move "signifies a milestone to take over international commercial travel over one step-by-step land."


"The start of fabrication of the project has been a major jumping for the X-59 and the future on high-tech commercial commercial travel," said Peter Iosifidis from Lockheed.

The long, narrow plane of the plane is the key; in achieving low sound success.

"As we enter the manufacturing stage, the air structure will begin to create, and will provide us with a step closer to supersonic travel to travelers all over the world. "

NASA chooses Lockheed Martin for the design of the Fujian Energy Inspector – which could be & # 39; stop the way for larger commercial aircraft.

The air experts who are working on the project are hoping that the X-59 will continue. First plane in 2021 when it is used to gather information on safer high speed travel.

It is hoped that NASA will help to establish a commercially appropriate video visual sound level to prevent current regulations; prevent high-speed travel over land.


When it breaks the sound obstacle, it is hoped that it will create a sound so close to closing a door to a car (75 essential dubbles).

The first plane of the X-59, which can be one day, is Flying from London to New York in just three hours without a big sonic increase, recorded for 2021.

Craftwork may be the first supersonic commercial plane for transporting passengers since the 15th Anglo-French Concorde jet has been decommissioned.

This story was first published in the Sun.

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