North Carolina's teacher was killed in Mexico, Governor Chihuahua said

A North Carolina teacher who disappeared out of the last month out of sight for walking in a dead Mexico, according to his post on Facebook page Declaration of Chihuahua Governor.

Patrick Braxton-Andrew, 34, disappeared from Davidson, October after leaving his hotel in Urique. Gov. Javier Corral Juuro, Spanish writing, says Braxton-Andrew traveled routes with a drug trafficker from the Sinaloa card and was killed in "brutal and brutal murder."

A Facebook page set up for Braxton-Andrew has been found that Chihuahua state authorities have been trying to confirm their existence. death and seeking people who are responsible to bring them to justice.

"The family would like to thank Governor Chihuahua and the Advocate for their dedication to Patrick," said a message on the PBA Finding Facebook page.

"Pàdraig died to do what he did to travel and to meet people. Join us in identifying his life as he would like us to We always remember Patrick and his pleasure for life. We love you PBA. "

He has taken it away nationally and internationally. Old Thomas Tillis of North Carolina tweeted about the case two weeks ago, saying he worked with the State Department and Mexican law enforcement activity. On Thursday, he made a tweet that he and his wife were very sorry to learn about his death.

"Peter's family is deserving of justice, and we will continue to work with the @StateDept and continue to investigate federal officials as a Mexican law enforcement," he wroteSouth Westerly

Davidson, North Carolina was also traveling to flags at half-workers in memory of Friday, the town said on Facebook.

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