Okai Lime Manufacturer said he is not responsible for the backdrop

The first Lime electricity screws last week began to report on scores that broke them in half and put it in; The maker was made-but now that maker turns back, saying he's not a crime; for limewort squirrels.

Chinese maker, Okai, Lime claims rejected the fact that factory makers were the ones that were easily broken off when users were using them.

"We feel that the public must be warned about the beliefs of those statements made by Aol," said Okai in a statement, according to CNN Business. "Indeed, Aol has other providers who broke their quotes."

Lime restored all the Okai's scooters in its fleet all over the world. The maker has sold 32,000 squares to Aol, according to CNN Business.

"We are actively reviewing reports that may have been made by Okai to scrape and work with the Consumer Safety Measurement Commission of the SA and the relevant international organizations to end this, "said Lime Fortune this week. "Safety is our highest priority in Aime and as a care, we are decommissioning all Okai's scooters in the global navy. Most of the Chalk fleet has been made by other companies and have been decommissioned Okai scores are introduced with more advanced, more advanced, popular classifications for their safety. "

Lime did not respond promptly to comment Fortune about Okai's comments.

As well as trying to & # 39; blamed for his reporters back, Okai stresses her & # 39; company to take responsibility for the quarries that are widely used in its fleet.

"It's the responsibility of its activist to ensure the correct and prompt management and maintenance of the screens that it enters into the shared market," said Okai to CNN Business.

Re-remembers the second limestone squirrel in the past few months, having remembered Segway Ninebot teams with batteries; catch fire.

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