Orlando Airport: A TSA's officer drops from a balcony to death, officials say, and there is a delay for trips

There were different definitions about what happened. The Orlando police said a person in his 40s, in a clear view, jumped from the Hyatt Regency Hotel to an atrium floor in the main tour at 9:30 a.m. ET.

The TSA spokesman, Jenny Burke, identified as the TSA officer where he was not a duty, and said he fell from one of the multi-side hotel balconies that overlooks a place where people are Going up for one of the security polls at your airport.

The man was found in a bad state and was taken to hospital, where he was said dead, the police said. His name was not released, and there was no further information on what was meant by his immediate fall.

The accident caused a magnificent reduction in the courtyard as well as a long delay for some passengers trying to fly in and out of their room; airport.

A traveler says that TSA staff want them to run

Trista Eaden told Spectrum News 13, CNN affair, that she was waiting to write when she heard a big band.

"Then I saw the TSA agents standing and suddenly, asked us to run, just to go through the screening," said Eaden.

The TSA stated that a number of passengers scattered beyond the uninterrupted security areas. Therefore, all passengers at 70 to 129 gates had to be relaunched, the airport said.

A video from the CNN WFTV affiliate showed the long lines at the spotlight early Saturday afternoon.

Passengers traveling to the airport were also kept.

Timothy Haines, who joined Orlando from Michigan, told WKMG, CNN's supporter, that the Southwest Airlines plane was held on apron or taxi for over 90 minutes.
Recently by 3 p.m., there were 97 flights from the airport, and 45 were suspended, depending on the FlightAware.com plane website. There was a delay in airplane that was in. coming to the airport also be restored or deferred.

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