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Pelosi's political power to prove: A spokesman will sailing address with a storm of Dems that are always

Housekeeping Minister Nancy Pelosi presents a Democratic frontier on Wednesday's House in a test of his political power.

There is a vote inside to vote within a Wednesday for a spokeswoman celebrated by teams within a party that is covered very much. A series of humorous democrats – from producer Seth Moulton, D-Mass., Gu Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., Gu Tim Ryan, D-Ohio – asking someone else.

Despite the drama, the Democrats may vote to be able to; Tap Pelosi as their choice for a spokesman. The test will be larger when it starts to start; New Congress in January, and Democrat California has to win a new vote – among the members of the two parties, including Republican and anti-Nancy freshman Democrats.

However, there is no other democratic, as it is, Pelosi's challenge for the slot. And there are some of the Democrats who have committed to oppose their & marriage has moved since then.

"Understand your power," often says Pelosi, the title of his 2008 book.

Pelosi is usually doing. No one is so dangerous as a voter as a San Francisco Democrat, who is capable of measuring exactly where the political barometer is standing. In addition, it is known that Pelosi has said that political power is not given. It is taken.

And so, we will continue how Nancy Pelosi will walk on this narrow route to power this week. Her speakers are not yet tied down. But she returns to a more advanced power than she just stood a few days ago.

All successful political leaders are "familiar with their power" and " determine where they stand with their constituencies.


The former spokeswoman Newt Gingrich House, R-Ga., Political power of a bank for years until he helped to return an engineer to the Republic of 1994. The Republic of the House gave Gingrich a prize to the speakers . But Gingrich's power grew rapidly. As Pelosi said, "you know your power." Gingrich realized that he could restore his face in 1998 after the GOP controlled the House. Gingrich took on as a spokesman.

Status and position are not always displayed where power is available; live on Capitol Hill. The Oldman was not. Richard Russell, D-Ga. Late, standing as a majority of the Synod or minority leader. The Senate passed over time a majority of the leaders of a weak, because Richard Russell was a " building behind the scenes. Russell's headman had the Synod so that he would not have been a leader of a majority or a minority. Russell knew his power. Why do you worry about the responsibility if you need your political gout?

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Did not have the main votes, The voting for the success of John Boehner, R-Ohio, who was a lecturer in 2015. McCarthy sent his claim directly just minutes before his vote House of the Republican Conference within the House of the next spokesman. McCarthy "knows his power."

At the same time, House Speaker, Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Said for years he had little interest in speaking. Ryan published even statements after McCarthy stepped forward, saying he did not expect to run for a speaker.

But over two weeks, GOP colleagues informed Ryan to seek the speakers. Ryan was only a "familiar" power until Republican colleagues put the way to him – and the Wisconsin Republic realized that no one else did; It is possible to control the votes on the floor.

Senator Senator Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., defeated Harry Reid, D-Nev., When he retired early in 2017. Reid pointed out his ambitions to be & # 39; quest about one and a half years ago. There was a short debate about whether to have to & # 39; Try to make Reid's success that could be Dick Wurbin Dick Durbin, D-Ill. But it was not a conversation; there. Schumer knew his power "and jumped on Durbin, his flight down his months of support before the start of leadership elections.

Find out why Pelosi does not have a & # 39; formally challenged a person; Whip Minority House Steny Hoyer, D-Md., The request for a majority leader; and the Minority Supporter Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., is the cause for a large whip? Very simple. Democrats House Rank-and-File also "know their power". It is limited. One or three of the House's democrats would challenge someone if there was a way to get involved. But no-one is currently involved. They know they are losing.

The way to power includes including knowing when you challenge someone – and when to do that.

John Boehner was named by the People's Republic of his fourth GOP leadership post in 1998. Boehner's many of the acolytes have been encouraged to go to; runs to the success of Dick Armey, Head of House House, R-Texas, after a few years later. But the time was not for Boehner. Then he discovered ethical trouble and crime and retired. Boehner, then, the Tay House and the current General Roy Blunt, R-Mo., And Deputy Representative John Shadegg, R-Ariz., Succeeded successfully DeLay. Boehner was overlooking her & # 39; broken in trouble and subsequently recorded to the speakers.

Understand your power.

But Boehner had never been convinced that singing would be able to run for a headteacher when the door was shown at the end of 1998.

Everything has some fortune involved.

With the same word, Boehner also knew his power when he retired at the end of 2015. Boehner had been trying to get over his & her; Congress for two years. But his chief president did not succeed in 2014, but his & her. head of Boehner, curiosity Eric Cantor, R-Va. Members of Freedom Caucus who were making a sound of "unbelievable" votes for Boehner – even though that did not come in immediately. So, Boehner put it in, leaving power slowly in the House.

It is not yet clear in detail how Pelosi specifies his & her; Most member of the House voted on the floor for a speaker on January 3. A & # 39; preventing unexpected situations, it is easy to get the democratic Caucus election Wednesday. That vote will also be a political gas gauge to show what votes Pelosi needs to be a laird before January to win the speakers … and to know her power.

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