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Premarket: Don't need to know before the bell

The company spent IPO at $ 72 a share on Thursday, the company's value about $ 24 billion. This is more than the expected price of $ 62 to $ 68 as a department, which recommends strong demand for owners.

This year is coming forward to be an IPO technology bonanza, with market markets expected from companies such as Uber, Slack, Pinterest and Postmates.

IPL Lyft may be very sensitive because these companies can get these companies. In particular, Lyft will certainly be seen as a proxy for Uber, which is a much larger industry.

The huge loss of Lyft to $ 911 million in 2018, which is more than any other US beginners before its IPO year, started. Uber last month said it lost $ 1.8 billion in 2018.

2. Wells Wells will automatically appoint: Wells Fargo Chief Executive Tim Sloan comes down as the bank struggles to get past a torch of ears.

Sloan said he had decided to rule Wells Fargo (WFC) as a way to help the bank move forward. Wells Fargo board promised to find an outside person who will replace the retired Sloan at the end of June.

Wells Fargo has been welcoming politicians, including the US Senator Elizabeth Warren, to find a new leader to settle his broken culture. At the same time, administrators of Wells Fargo are held in the penalty box for the US Federal Republic called "poor consumer practices."

Parts of Wells Fargo accounted for 1.5% increase in pre-market trade.

3. Huawei Salaries: Huawei's profit grew to nearly $ 9 billion last year, with a large smartphone industry power, but a US-based campaign against the company was under pressure on the sale of telecoms equipment.

The Chinese technological giant said the 2018 increase in earnings would be 59.3 billion yuan ($ 8.7 billion). There was no sales on an earlier company account, but they still jumped 19.5% to 721 billion yuan ($ 105 billion).
Huawei sells more telecommunications equipment to any other company in the world, and its smartphone industry is getting faster t Samsung (SSNLF) no Apple (AAPL).

But there are indications that the US's efforts at other countries may affect the use of Huawei equipment in telecommunications networks. Huawei's equipment sales fell to 1.3%.

4. The newest trading: Key negotiators from the USA and China have recorded meetings in Beijing which aim to trade out trade between the world's two biggest economies.

US Finance Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the talks were "helpful" in a tweet, and said talks would be with Washington Premier Liu that he would be continuing in Washington next week.

Since early 2018, both governments have been locked up in an elevated trading war, which has seen tariffs reduced on hundreds of millions of dollars of American and Chinese produce.

A recent long-awaited trade agreement was announced with reports in a April meeting between the President of the USA, Donald Trump, and Xi Jinping China.

5. Overview of the market: US futures were ahead of the last day for trading for the first season.
European markets opened with benefits. The land in Asia came to an end in good land.
The Nasdaq added 0.3% on Thursday. The Dow and S&P raised 0.4 0.4%. Even if a high performance from the S&P 500 on Friday could contribute to the best quarter from 2009.

Crude oil prices are also on track for the best season since 2009, following continued cutbacks from OPEC and partners such as Russia.

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6. Company news: Sections TUI (TUIFF) in Frankfurt after a German travel company warned it would make a profit of € 200 million ($ 225 million) this year t Boeing (BA) 737 Max was put on airplanes.
Southwest Online (LUV) Earlier this week the owners warned that the 737 Max groundings is being harmful to their tickets.
Carmax (KMX) and BlackBerry (BB) an open payment statement.

7. Commencing this week:

Friday – Huawei employment; Carmax (KMX) employment

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