Recap & # 39; Doctor Who & # 39 ;: Series 11, Episode 7 – & # 39; Kerblam! & # 39;

I fell after him? We read before Dòigh Who recap here.

Just in time for the holiday season, Dòigh Who have given us a program that we will consider every time we receive a Amazon package. "Kerblam!", Which was written by Pete McTighe, showed that it might happen when companies grow extremely 90%: people are still the biggest threat.

Let's go out.

& # 39; SPACE POSTMAN. I have not found it all now. & # 39; | The Doctor received a package from Kerblam, the largest pharmacist in the hospital, through deliverybot teleporting. This was not the order that was & # 39; It was expected that two revival was special, but the message behind the package: HELP ME. TEAM TARDIS was still a & # 39; going to the big city of Kerblam where they met Judy (BroadchurchJulie Hesmondhalgh), "the head of the people" who was very proud of the fact that the company's largest employees are in a position; disease (the 10 per cent required at all levels). The team was new staff and got their work – as well as ankle bracelets to check out where they were and how well they were.

Yaz co-worker built on her heart with her story about going to her; traveled but to see her 6-year-old daughter twice a year as he was pay her savings for her education. It is obvious that he was going to kill him, and he did when he took Yaz's place to take something in an unfortunate part of the warehouse where Dan knew that a person- save another (or instead, captured by a bot and later killed). Follow Yaz from Dan, he heard tidy, and he only got the DAD mill (he said he would do it out!) And her scanner. Dr. and Ryan learned from Kira, their colleague in a folder, left a few of the staff; company recently. At the same time, Graham worked in keeping up with the incredible soloist of Charles, who looked awesome that he had a new colleague and had a clear decline on Kira.

We arrived. WE HAVE WE HAVE. | The Doctor was meeting with Judy and the product maker, Jarva Slade, about the staff he needed, and then she was in a position. Waiting to go back to the Slade office by Ryan and Yaz going around. They found it well that he had paper files locked in a cabinet, and describing the changes. Judy followed her ankle bracelets there (hey, the Doctor does not remember everything) and seemed to have proved the innocent when she put out a bot that was a & Tried to kill Charlie when the power was completely black. I he did care about her staff. You may have lost the bot, which was mistakenly said, "Investigate … Investigating … A & # 39 ; investigate "Charlie kept by the roof. The system, which we learned later, was trying to put Charlie 's plan in place with casualties and sent the message to the Doctor, who had to be saved by his / her; wall?

Then, the thing was raised: Kira was told she was a worker on the day and that she would be giving her a gift – something that she could never get at any time in life. Judy was informed of the system that Kira had lost (which was new), and its signal was finally detected in the distribution of the basic level, where all power was diverted. Ryan emphasized the rescue mission, which he gave him, and Charlie declined down Goonies-level glee and terror. Bracelet belts; so long as she saw her eyes (true About the BBC door order). When Charlie fell to a ringing belt, Yaz and Ryan kept their hands and jumped down to come back with him (enjoy that moment, sellers). At that time, we did not believe Charlie was still, so he was sweet to have; Seeing what he liked to be fond of not being alone.

& NOT THE SYSTEMAN THE PROBLEM. How people use the system, that is the prototype. PEOPLE DID YOU. & # 39; | At the same time, the Doctor had been successful in communicating with original Kerblam! Twirly's deliverybot, which was, was very useful as the facility Graham had shown, at the warehouse. The Doctor took hold of Twirly up to the system and learned the truth about the message HELP ME. Now the system had more to say: Private help was needed in distribution. Slade at the basic level found Slade, who had been working on the paperwork needed on paper because he did not rely on the system. They also found crops of healthy homes (real Lion) and a literally sent messenger weapon. The power that was driving the facility was going to & # 39; Getting started to store enough power to simultaneously complete the delivery button. What is each folder usually? Bilgeag goes back.

The Doctor's certification was reinforced when Kira, who was taken to a quizzing room, finally got her gift. Everything was inside the small print page. She made one of the bubbles and kaboomAfterward Charlie had been playing the mirror and her. cleansing her not doing it – Yaz and Ryan realized he knew something bad that was going to happen.

At the end, Charlie recognizes. His generation did not stand up just as 10 per cent of people got to work. He was sorry about who he was; he was always someone who exploded robots, explosion and teleportation. He raised staff as test subjects to ensure his small bombs were effective. Dr. Charlie told Charlie that the system on Kira was to show him what others would feel if the ones in charge had the murder of their attempts to & # 39; The decline of human beings in self-behaviors and that they would see it as "incomplete technology without conscience." care that the person who was badly handled was the system to fight to do it right. Hit the button to set it out and destroy the device. Dr Twirly used to turn the whole of the equipment to the address – and to give instructions to open the packages and what everyone does by doing it; bubble cover. She tried Charlie to leave with them when she televised her safety agency, but stayed behind him and died with her. his plan.

What did you think of "Kerblam!"? Yaz suggested that they would bring the DAD mill to Dan's daughter you can get to; break up? We did not spend a week a week with a clear eye. Can you recognize Kerblam's voice! so BroadchurchMatthew Gravelle (aka Joe)? Showrunner Chris Chibnall does not dad dad if he is faithful. Do you ask why Ryan did not grow to & # 39; It has grown considerably since it introduced the whales at the beginning of its program? The old ro-Charlie stock was there. And who is watching the episode Agatha Christie "The Unicorn and the Wasp" now? Season 4, episode 7, friends.

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