Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; Players who think this character Alex Jones's comments

Alex Jones

Ann Dead Dead Solution 2 NPC is a psuedo-scientist that can play players to come forward. going on with a spiritual spirit about a theory of association, and some players have shown that he is describing a theoretical and radio show host, Alex Jones, or his / her; At least Jones is mentioned.

Whether this is a case or not, well, I let you be your judge. Here's the clip:

Alex Jones are you? from r / reimbursement

Now, whether this is a direct reference to Alex Jones, who knows. It looks like it can be, and when you think the game is going to; describes Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions Advocate, Rockstar Games may be a little commentary on Jones's sporting sport. However, the Trump and Sessions appearances were more evident than this one, so I can not confidently say a way or another if this character, or a bit of conversation, is with Jones. But some players look very positive.

Whatever case, Red Dead Solution 2 showing a wide range of prestigious characters, and including this one. And many of those characters are even doing & # 39; The small times of the game are so comfortable.

Dead Dead Solution 2 available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Click here for more news and broadcasting on the prestigious open world. For more than our own game, this is quick from our official review, with the permission of Robert Workman.

"There's just something that is missing and crash, and they're not allowed to let them even. Even when everything is & # 39 look more like it and it's amazing if you get alive, there is a real satisfaction with a pretty start-up work. It's been stolen from a well-preserved furnace to & # 39 ; simply stays where someone is making a mistake to try to clead you for the horse. I played for hours to plow through the The main story and I was just amazed from a country and finding something new – it's even fishing that it's a vital part of the game. Fishing. "

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