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Roger Stone saga appears to be disobedient in Trump protection in & # 39; without fuel &

The struggle made by Trump, the longest political adviser of Trump, has made him aware of whether Trump and his team crossed legal and ethical lines. as they tried to stop Hillary Clinton in a choice that was her; including Russian-Russian emergency work.

The main question for Mueller is always at least a criminal offense with Trump team members to be able to; cooperate with the Moscow bid for the President.

Until now, he has not offered any proof of detection, poverty, conviction, trial and conviction of people around his / her / her / her / her / her / her / her / her / her / her / appear to be closer to the Oval office.

If Mueller establishes such a behaviors, he would Responding to a wonderful question: Why are so many people around Trump – at large costs for themselves – again to & # 39; believe about relations with Russians?

No, it is clear – if the specific council can come to a decision, although there was evidence that there was a cover-up – it was not inspired by the desire to; hiding crime, but did it mean that Trump would bring political damage to non-criminal relations with Russia?

But even so, Mueller's recordings and other publicly available information on a behavioral pattern is established by Trump and aids that breaks at the campaign seasonal behavioral norms and its # 39; Demonstrates clear disregard for sovereignty election integrity – part of the US democracy situation.

It seems that he will come to the House of Democrats to consider whether such an informal activity and conflict is with American values, that it benefits from another activity – which may be able to even do it.

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Mainstreaming Whitaker: Mill & # 39; near to be finished & # 39;

The Trump team is undoubtedly ready to go very fast in 2016 to win.

In one of the number of Russian information in 2017, the New York Times stated that Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr, wrote in an e-mail "My love" when The Russian ruler told him that "Clown" was to be given to Clinton at a later meeting in Trump Tower in New York.
Newer bomb again raised more doubts about checking eligibility for election. His first lawyer sent a & # 39; President, Michael Cohen, an adult nurse parent Stormy Daniels paid to pay $ 130,000 a & # 39; fight with enterprise finance laws at the head of President.
Then, when Cohen asked for a charge to Mueller introduced in November, he said it was wrong about a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He initially stated that the negotiations finished in January 2016 but they sent them right to continue until June 2016.

Then left the chance that Trump had not been complain when it was written; He told an American that he had no business connection with Russia, but he saw his campaign – a kind of public trust when he should promote American interests – as a means of putting the wheels down to a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another question is that Mueller could solve why Paul Manafort, the chairman of the anti-Trump campaign, assumed census data to Konstantin Kilimnik, a long-term business relationship with Russian information .

The program came out of a campaign that was arrested and filed; this month by Manx lawyers. It is not known whether the cowberry cotton works alone, and possibly in attempting burial information to a Ukrainian oligarchs in debt.

There was currently an idea that Manaarm was working with other enterprise activists and that the voting data could help to target social media outfitting campaigns in Russian national radio broadcasting states. Someone said in a different way that the Kremlin troll farm spent millions to affect Americans on social media, although the costs did not mention any co-ordination by the Trump team.

Trump often revealed unwillingness for behavioral standards involved in campaigns. For example, the ex-Republican nominee on Russia was called to find 30,000 emails missing from the private server, Hillary Clinton, who used it when he was a state secretary.

Later on that day, according to the lack of Mueller, Russian info businessmen, he spent time trying to delete e-mail using Clinton's private office.
In August 2016, Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Munro gave personal warnings to the United States executive officers that foreigners had to go to the United States. including Russia trying to introduce his team or find out about his campaign.
In October, US information bodies were publicly informed by the fact that Russia had led efforts by DCLeaks and WikiLeaks to steal a democratic e-mails to release its spirits.

But the Trump candidate again prompts WikiLeaks for the badly damaged emails of the Clinton campaign from the stump.

"I like WikiLeaks," he said at one time.
The public warning from the information bodies decided when a "Hollywood Access" failure was released which included audio audio about a & # 39; make stupid products about women.

Less than an hour later, Wikileaks put a new casualty of a similar e-mail that seemed to be designed to surprise the wonder of October that the danger was Protect the Trump campaign.

Jerome Corsi, a conservative author and theorist joined CNN in November said that Stone had been citing several times on that day to ask him to contact Julian Assange, who founded WikiLeaks, to bring more material out. This is a Lost Stone.

It was allegedly guilty in court Tuesday to seven offenses of crime from beautiful statements, disturbing evidence and hindrance.

Concern was not responsible, although the disaster tells how Stone decided that he worked with Trump's campaign officers about his position to WikiLeaks.

In one interesting section, Mueller "after sending an e-mail (National Democratic Committee) by (WikiLeaks), Trump's chief executive of July 22 July 2016 forwarded STONE about any additional notification and what other detection information (WikiLeaks) regarding Clinton's Enterprise. "

The sentence raised the opinion of the person who gave that direction, who was a Trump, or a member of his family. Even the Trumps; , it would not be an indication of crime – but it could be put in danger if he wanted information from WikiLeaks he knew was found illegally.

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Roger Stone will be guilty of guilty

Even clarity as to whether the President had a & # 39; Guiding Stonework, who is presenting a Trump near the 2016 campaign, has a suspicious light on the strategy that the President met. win.

Stone connects the Watergate storm when working for Richard Nixon's famous soldier company, and Russia's struggle – perhaps the Washington scandal is the largest of those who expelled the 37th Chief sit.

"Stone will do anything you win," said Princeton University historian, Julian Zelizer recently on CNN. "I think many of the Republicans are trying to see it back in the current news, usually to Nixon signposting and that people ; comparing the President Trump and President Nixon. "

If Mueller is not set to & # 39; activity in 2016, it will add to a conviction agreement, a & # 39; Congress decides whether it is necessary to protect the protection of the United States system of election. If so, this is not a & # 39; The first time possible, and lawyers can look at history for guidance.

Appendix to the final report of the Select Committee of the Asset on the Watergate Team fracture, on which he was chairman, was North Carolina's Seumilear. Sam Ervin said that drama was an attempt to "destroy, as long as the president's election was disturbed in 1972, the integrity of the process with which the United States President has been nominated and elected."

If Congress decides that Trump is guilty of a similar prosecution, with praise or without Mueller, he has to work out if he is; Meeting high crime levels and misbehavior, the level of impeachment.

There is a debate at that time likely to have an offense before a President is required to miss his / her need; ultimately punished the headmaster's head.

After all, Nixon was already in the office when President's men expressed the integrity of the 1972 election.

Corey Brettschneider, author of the book "The Oath and the Office: Guidelines for the Future of the Future" says that an advocate who is influencing elections can not be significantly They subsequently vowed to defend the constitutional system.

"Certainly, being infected in choosing or doing illegal actions to influence a selection, not only does it affect integrity president of the future, is a democratic threat to democracy, especially when it comes to fighting a foreign government, "said Brettschneider.

"If Trump complained about the way to become a president, he defended his oath to defend the fundamental law under the control of a self-government system," he said.

This report has been submitted by CNN Marshall Cohen.

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