Rookie QB Lamar Jackson Ravens Baltimore Ravens to Play & win over Cincinnati Bengals: Recycle game, score, stats


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Ruairidh quarterback, Lamar Jackson, played for 117 yards at the beginning of her; First NFL, Gus Edwards ran for 115 and the Baltimore Fighters hit 24-21 over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to end a streak that lost three games.

By calling out the motions that enabled the 2016 Heisman Award to win at Louisville, Jackson in and out of his & her; 27 behavioral pocket. Although the ravens (5-5) depended strongly on the case, Jackson completed 13 of 19 passes for 150 yards with disorder.

Ravens did not start with quarterback Joe Flacco. used throughout the week and were inactive with bad badgers. This created an opening for Jackson, the 32th overall in the NFL draft.

Before Sunday, the old star of Louisville was sometimes a barrier in running situations and placed Flacco's place in her; quarter quarter of two strokes. After carrying the machine alone, Jackson responded strongly to a game that would win the Ravens.

Down 21-13 in the second half, Baltimore gave the Bengals who went down (5-5) with their fourth defeat in five games.

Edwards, free agent of the exile, was screened on a 11-yard run and was introduced for the turnover at the end of the third quarter. Then Jackson led a 55-yard driver that finished with an area goal by Justin Tucker with 8:12 remaining.

Randin Bullock Cincinnati missed a 52-yard field range with 3:59 away, and Marlon Humphrey was withdrawn from the fourteenth pass by Andy Dalton from Baltimore 37 at 1:42.

This was a severe call for the Bengals, who was a going up at 4-1 in October but now at .500 for the first time.

After Cincinnati allowed 500 yards in three straight games, the NFL record in the Super Bowl era, Marvin Lewis coach was Teryl Austin's defense coach on Monday and took control of the unit. The Bengals were much better this time, although there was a success in the cost of unprofitable backdrop on 12 NBA packages before Sunday.


Robert Griffin III could begin at quarterback for the Baltimore Fairies on Sunday. No rookie Lamar Jackson could have been a starting point. Despite who starts at quarterback, the ravens need to be done; They would win them when they face Cincinnati Bengals Sunday at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET on CBS, DirecTV or try FuboTV (free trial).

You can look at the live stream of the game, The, The playstation vue, AppleTV, SlingTV.

Ravens (4-5) start on the backdrop of Joe Flacco and they are damages chromes and may not play. Jackson, the backbone, did not use a stomach illness. That leaves Griffin, which did not start from January 2017. The ravens are needed a spirit and Flacco was even struggling & # 39; and before he suffered the damage to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Week 9. Jackson, choosing the first team of the team in the NFL 2018 version, it may be a start if he is healthy.

The Bengals (5-4) have struggled since they started the season to get four of their first games. The Bengals have lost three of the last four games, including a 51-14 year-old loss for St New Orleans last week. As a result of that, Marvin Lewis's head leader went to Burn Teryl Austin defender co-ordinator and put into the situation.

You can get the latest score and status of the game in the score given above and everything is done; You need to know how to look at the game Votes vs Bengals:

What: Ravens Baltimore vs Cincinnati Bengals

When: Sunday, November 18, 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET

Where: M & T Bank Park, Baltimore, MD

TV: CBS, DirecTV

Look online: You can look at the live stream of the game, The, The playstation vue, AppleTV, SlingTV no FuboTV (free test)South Westerly

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