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Scientists aim to reveal the first real symbol of black holes

An artist's impression of a black hole with a wait to fall

An artist's impression of a black hole with a wait to fall

The last world sees a black hole – not an artist's image or a computer created, but the real thing.

Six world-wide news conferences, registered at 1300 GMT (0900 ET) on Wednesday, scientists will announce the first findings of the Telescope (EHT) Event Event, designed for that purpose directly.

It's a long time.

Of all the forces in the world that we don't see – including dark energy and dark matter – nothing has bothered human philosophy as well as the monsters invisible called holes black.

Yet the phenomena are so powerful that nothing can close at – it is not just light – fleeing away from the ground without land.

"Over the years, we have collected indirect visual evidence," said Paul McNamara, a psychologist for the European Space Agency and project scientist for the LISA mission, which combines large black bleaching from the place.

In September 2015, for example, the prospectors measured waves in the US LIGO two black holes broke together.

"X-rays, radio-waves, light -– they all seem to be tough things, and the waves prove that they are actually the holes, even though we have never seen one," said McNamara. AFP.

Two people always vote in the first image.

Makers from selecting Sagittarius A *, the black hole at the center of our own spiral belt, will enter Milk Quay.

Global map showing a network of thelescopan that created a medium-sized telegram to capture the first image of a black

World map showing the network of thelescopan that created a medium-sized telescope to capture the first image of a black hole in the outer part.

It is four million times the size of the Sea * and measures about 24 million kilometers across.

That may be a big target, but for the telescope the world had for around 26,000 light years (245 billion kilometers) away, it's like trying to take a photo of golf on the Moon.

The other candidate is 1,500 times larger than the rest of the area, surrounded by a shelf-shaped plateau called M87.

Comparing both distance and measure of fairness, relatively easy (or difficult) to identify either.

A rope in time

A black hole is a moving hole that really brings a mass of space to a relatively small space. The more the hole is, the more.

At the same level, the Earth's mass would enter its fingers, and the Sun would be six kilometers from fringe to the edge.

There are two main types.

Black holes of many different kinds – up to 20 times the size of the Sunshine, when a starred star fell into her own hands.

There are holes like this which are at least a million times larger than the sun. Both Sections A * and M87 are from the category.

At its center, a hole in the black hole will be inserted into one single-dimensional point. The distance between this

At its center, a hole in the black hole will be inserted into one single-dimensional point. The distance between the singularity and the event side is the radius, or half the width, of the black hole t

The EHT is similar to any other instruments designed with stars.

"Instead of building a large telescope, we created a number of viewpoints as if they were as fragments of a huge mirror," said Michael Bremer, an expert at the Institution for Millimetric Radio Astronomy in Grenoble, AFP.

Eight such radio telescopes are spread across the globe – in Hawaii, Arizona, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and the South Pole – zeroed in Sag A * and M87 on four different days in April 2017.

Each is like a football pitch. Together they make a virtual telescope greater than 12,000 kilometers across the diameter of the Earth.

Data collected by the longitudinal series was assembled by computers at MIT in Boston and Bonn, Germany.

"The algorithms that we put together will fill the data gaps that we want to rebuild," said the team on their website.

The astronomers not involved in the project, including McNamara, are passionately – perhaps anxious – waiting to see if the results challenge Einstein's theory of general friendship. it has always been proven on this scale.

The 2015 LIGO tests tested a circuit in the time periods for the black hole union.

"Einstein's theory of general relativity states that this is the case," said McNamara.

However, these holes were very small in contrast to any of those controlled by the EHT.

"Perhaps those who are millions of times are more different – we don't know yet," said McNamara.

Scientists aim to open the first picture of a black hole

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