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BALTIMORE – Cincinnati Bengals coach, Marvin Lewis and the rest of the team, seemed confident to this week that they could turn the season against the Fingalians.

So far, the results are uncertain.

The Bengals gave up 117 rods to Lamar Jackson. Mitch Stringer / SA DEVELOPMENT Sport

It was not a complete disaster; , such as the frontiers of the Chiefs and Saints, and this may be why Bengals defending players did not hang their heads in the catching room after leaving them; game. The funny was certainly harder than in the weeks before Teryl Austin's defender co-ordinator.

"I thought they played their tail," said Lewis.

But at the end of the day, 24-21 losses to the Deed are similar to the 51-14 loss of Saints.

We do not say that the Bengals should not remove any moral benefits of regional divisions on the road. If you can learn from it, six games are left in the season to show them better.

Surely it was apparent that Lewis was in Lewis.

"We have to learn something," said Lewis. "Today, I thought they learned something about themselves. We had opportunities, but we did not take full advantage of them. We need a full benefit, but we learn. … But for them, they have to be enjoyable. We know where we are, and now it's a race to the border. And they are in the same situation as we are. "

In some ways, the Bengals have shown that Lewis is better to play; the theater ceremony. They set down after a 75-yard clock to open the game and put three points straight. Shawn Williams built a quarter of her & # 39; case on the fourth quarter.

The crime had two opportunities to connect or connect to; carried forward late, but as a result of these motions, a 52-yard garden pass and an incomplete pass on the page went down to Cody Core, leaving Dalton's permission after two hands.

The crime was only 255 yards, the second worst of this season, and was suspended five times in the first half. Gun A.J. Green, the Bengals could not just build the plays at the end of the page; game, how they faced the Falcons, Buccaneers and Dolphins.

That is so close to the lack of plastics on planners.

It's definitely sure to go around. But, immensely, it was clear that magic clads would not change the playwright to settle the unit. They were still delivering 403 yards and a & # 39; stay on to get the record for rods allowed in a season set up by the 2012 Children.

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Only the fourth Jackson Lamar cycle was the first quartet since Colin Kaepernick was moved in 2016 for more than 100 yards in a game, but he recorded 265 total heating rods. Jackson was 117 yards; The remainder of the fourth quarter is now growing by the NFL-AFL company.

The Ravens did not try a pass on the 11-game opening driver but were still able to turn two sides down using Jackson's legs. That happened, although the Bengals knew that the Ravens would be running; boat instead of passing.

"He can not throw his lost," said Burfict after his & # 39; a game on Vincent Rey, who talked to close-up reporters.

If the Bengals are encouraged, it is because the bar is very poorly located after a series of events that have occurred. decline. There was no room to go up, and the Bengals think they're going to start. doing so climbing back.

"It was a good step in the right way. We did not just get the results we needed," the protection boundary Carlos Dunlap said. "There are some amazing things. It was clear and clear that we were like different safeguarding there."

If so, all things have not been lost. Getting healthy would be helpful. The situation of the backbone has been very bad, with Nick Vigil and Preston Brown out and Vontaze Burfict, who is a dealing with badly hip, still clear enough. Green may come back as early as the next week, and the Browns, Broncos and Raiders are on the Bengals on the album. It is not easier to look at the Chiefs or Saints with a characteristic characteristic of characters.

"You have to keep fighting and play until the game is over," said Lewis he told the team. "So let's play plays. We know we can do that, and we have enough who can do that. We get some people back and healthy, and we will do it better. up. But now, everyone who has the chance to play now is just better to play. "

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