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Sony gives ANTHEM Repayment Due to Croshing Cases

PlayStation 4 ANTHEM PS4 1

Sony has no refurbishment policy on PlayStation Store, but you can recover your money in a real situation. Reddit reports that the keeper supplies some ANTHEM headquarters, as the game is in a position; continues to decline when a number of releases have been released since its launch. Our reviewer, Robert Ramsey, has been named in the event that the episode issues can expand to severe accidents that need to pull the power plant out of the PS4 itself , which is not good.

Unfortunately, it seems that if you want to get your money back, you must be responsible for obtaining a genuine consumer service representative. Although many customers seem to have been successful, a similar number of unhappy players who have increased their demand have declined. This is just another reminder that Japan's public should have the right times and the realization of a correct repayment policy, but still see how it is still; Overseas playback and PSN name changes, we will not stop breathing.

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