Stan Lee Fans back to Bill Maher's back cover

Lee fans gave a goal to Maher willing to accept the & # 39; pay questionnaire & Iron Man 3 & #.

Stan Lee died a week ago at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. While many celebrities were well-known. Encouraging social media to compliment the comic book's vision after his death. Bill Maher did something just a bit different. As previously stated by the Inquisitr, instead of paying ultimate respect or respect, Maher warned Lee's followers to do so; criticize anyone who has come to an adult and continuously by choosing; expresses love or interest in comics.

In a position published on it Real time with Blog Bill Maher, the TB person who was constrained Lee and comic books as a main reason why Donald Trump was elected as the United States President. "I do not think it's a big part to suggest that Donald Trump could not be chosen but in a country that is a & "Thinking that humorous books are important," said Maher in his blog post.

In his role, Maher also said he did not fully understand why his whole planet was so sad about having a " passing Lee in the first place. "A deep, deep grief for someone who has encouraged millions, I do not know, see film, I'm thinking," he wrote.

Although Bill said he had nothing to do with comic books – and they liked them as a child – he put on to attack them as a post. "And so they discovered that it was comic books in excellent literature," Maher added to his position as he justified his comics.

Although Stan Lee is not now alive to defend himself, his characters, and his comics against Maher, was delighted to go to battle against the political reporter. Indeed, Lee fans did not spend time for social media to go to; hitting her 62-year actress.

It's not surprising that Maher's blog post was filled quickly with Lee fans who slamming the actor for his opinion. There was a consensus from makers who were back at Maher on Twitter at & # 39; Worthing to miss having no question by providing a menu for its appearance in Iron Man 3 Despite her, Despite her, despite her. despite his comic books

"Ok @billmaher why is a smack talk about Stan Lee? You did not have any problems in showing that investigation and appearing in Iron Man 3South Africa says, "one Twitter user spread, exploring why Maher was Feeling such a job needed to be done in the first place.

"I was going to write a post about Bill Maher who spoke to Stan Lee, but then I remembered Bill Maher's good value for my time or those of you. If you just learn that it's a bad person with bad ideas, please let's see the club we've seen coming a mile away, & "the second person chimed there, aiming at Maher.

Some felt that Maher made critical comments about Lee only to herself. appear.

Some Lee fans were disturbing the experience of "restricted" comic Maher.

Maher was even trying to move his & her; his blog on how Lee was killed aimed at Trump his latest tweetAfter her unfortunately, Lee's fans did not get ready to let her feelings hard.

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