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Wonderful fans from around the world are still thrown away from death Stan Lee, but now a new homage wall allows them to pay their respect together. It has been almost a week since the world of Lee lost, but it seems that the wave of rewards, memories, and words will continue to be grateful to continue to come. It is not hard to understand why, as Lee was one of the most populated populations in pop culture, and that she had a hand in her & her; Creating many image characters that keep amazing fans for future generations.

Apart from his various jobs in comic books, films and TV, Lee reads one of the most popular people. best for ever to meet. As it was made very clear by a released video, Lee was not one of the celebrities who see some interaction with fans or inconvenience. Lee was fond of talking to her followers, whether it is by exchange of letters, and her; Meet at sequences of fans, or through an official website and Twitter account. Lee looked at the idea that his work might have brought many people who were not connected to each other, and he was He liked that he was really cared for by so many people he never met. With the many stars that look at & # 39; Seeing part of recognizing part of becoming a duty of more than anything, it is interesting to see a true image that was in fact; He appreciates his hero.

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Although Lee had a private funeral organized by his family, POW! Recreation – a joint Lee company – recently announced plans for holding a public memorial event for the Marvel story that allows fans to pay their personal respect. The details are up to date, but in the meantime, Lee's official website now serves as a "memory-maker" full of reward and memories from a MCU cameos master. Employers who want their posts into the wall must only have one of the following hashtags when they are; posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram: #RIPStanLee, #StanLee, #Excelsior, and #StanForever.

Although Stan Lee is not one of the animals now, many fans still have to see how many times they can see. Lee has confirmed that they have already shot photographs for March Captain Marvel single-person film, and MCU stage 3 of May decision (still unnamed) Avengers 4. After that, it is not clear how it filters more and more; appears, although it would be appropriate for him to appear in Spider-Man: Far from Home, after Peter Parker was created with Steve Ditko.

Although everyone knew clearly Stan Lee a mortal man, it was still one of those figures that he would hopefully live forever, serving as the ever-ever-standing comic book and comic films. Unfortunately, he is now away, and he continued pain around for a while to come. In the end, however, his work will be immortal.

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