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Starlink at Ubisoft doesn't get new

2018 Game at Ubisoft Starlink: The Battle of Atlas give players between the purchase of physical spaceships, pilots and in-game weapons the choice or use to a much lesser extent for digital versions. It seems that the digital version was won, as Ubisoft announced today, there will be no more physical toys created for the game.

Although there are more pilots, space ships and weapons coming Starlink in this spring's update, they will all be completely digital. In an updated update published on the official website of the game, the development team said slow sales meant that the toy was stopped.

Despite the tremendous continued support of our players, selling them Starlink: The Battle of Atlas they were under his eyes. We have therefore recently decided not to distribute additional physical toys in order to renew both the Spring and the future.

StarlinkThe word toys and the technology used to display them in the game are very cool. The players connect a plastic hill to their administrator. They are digging a pilot figure on the hill and sending a spaceship away at the pilot. From there players can add a mixture of shields (up to three on each side) and weapons, creating a normal ship with a special device that instantly appears in the universe. The ship the player comes together in is the life of the one who sees and controls in the game. Remove a toy wing, change it with another, and change at the same time.

It's a gloomy gimmick, but an expensive man. By launching, the space spaces packed with a pilot and armor were sold for $ 25. A collection of toys all along with the game starter kit is about $ $. 280. Digital deluxe version of the game will allow players in the first instance to find out all the vessels, pilots and weapons in the game for just $ 80. It is no wonder that the toys did not sell well.

This is the other target that is set for the toys to life. Grandfather's grandfather Skylanders That's been quiet since 2017, saving the strange release of her death. Disney Infinity the rest are not. Meudan Lego it had a great run but he shouted. And now Starlink there is a stop to toys.

Fortunately, with Ubisoft not asking for toys to be played, the game can continue to receive new content in digital format. Along with ships, pilots and new weapons Starlink The team said that new missions, activities and challenges are coming to the game quickly. Starlink toys are dead. Long live Starlink.

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