Stop and Shop staff are on strike at over 240 Stores in New England

Stop & Shop president, Mark McGowan, said in a Saturday statement that the proposed contract would be “unstable” and could offer higher prices to consumers.

Thomas Kochan, director of the M.I.T. The Sloan Institute for Employment and Employment Research, which is aimed at addressing the changing needs of staff, said Stop & Shop did not have to raise prices to provide higher wages.

“It is not automatic for it to rise in price,” he said. “They need to find ways to better serve customers.” T

The way the strike was coming forward for the course said.

“They are a union with an older company that is less strong for good customer service,” he said, adding that the supermarket chain needs to remain competitive to provide higher wages.

At Stad & Shop on High Street in Bridgeport, Conn., Lisa Juliano, a florist who has been working at the store for two years, said she was particularly concerned about the loss of a valuable wage to work with. on a Sunday.

Although she said that the company did not propose a reduction in the Sabbath for employees at present, he wants to cancel the premium for new staff. Many staff expect these new staff to be asked to work at most on Sundays, resulting in a de facto payment for the largest workforce.

“The additional Sunday money will make up what I live on a daily basis,” said Ms. t Juliano. “If I don't want the extra thing I get on a Sunday, I wouldn't have to come to work the rest of the week. ”

She said it was important for current workers to be struggling for the future. Her father was employed by the Estate & Shop more than 30 years ago, to push purchase cards, and is now a grocery manager, she said.

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