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The fear of Michonne will take part in The Walking Dead

Picture: Gene Page (AMC)
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Alpha is not a "Mom," as Lydia is still thinking about – the place of view is completely about being & # 39; using good parenting. What is said, one of the exercise: she tells the story of watching Lydia that is three years old; age dying from a & # 39; throwing out some of the plastics that is fighting, and # 39; Stand there to look at her daughter's struggle rather than help. Her baby was free of charge, and her skin turned to pink from one blue to Alpha to hit. This is the same way, she tells of Beta, to make sure the child remembers not to do it again. It would not seem that he died almost entirely memorable alone. Hard is the hard thing Alpha understands as a means of love. And if that is the case, she has a lot of love.


The title of this program, "Guardians," a & # 39; come from a variety of sources. Everything here aims to identify the different ways in which those characters are; see themselves as a defense of people: Michonne, so expecting to protect the people of Alexandria who could not see how she was; using her democratic imagery she designed; Alpha, with a bridal dreach of Darwinism to create the ideology that she has; Thinking not only does it keep its living alive, but the bones of the new world are behind; Eugene, his love for Rosita being put forward to bring other forces to harmony at the expense of her own joy; Daryl, trying to save Henry from himself; Even deny the way to believe that he is able to be a custodian of captives. There is so much of what everyone does in this post-apocalyptic vision, even those that are similar to those who are in a position; feeling, and using a form of protection, an attempt to keep humanity in the face of darkness like that. They have very different ideas about what protection should be like.

After having been decorated with the two or two, Michonne is returning to face this week by going to # 39; slowly depicts trust in others that means to # 39; giving strict tightness to Alexandria's restriction. Not only does her argument about going to the fairness of the Kingdom's shows be too dangerous, especially as Aaron says, leaving the building is particularly dangerous now to learn about the people who were in a hurry. separation – that is how his opinion breaks down everyone else. After empowering anything that she does; Thinking that the security of security has been a way of compelling the essential control of the council. And he put on the rest of her & # 39; go back back at any time that they were adequately cared about an issue they knew she would not; support. From Gabriel's radio relay device to Aaron's hidden meetings with Jesus, everyone else saw the need to communicate with other communities; but it made it more vulnerable to her in the care of ways. As one said, what does he say about Alexandria if he is alive but who let them fall the United Kingdom? Hard answer Michonne: "It's Alexandria's life."

Picture: Gene Page (AMC)

And for how sad it is & # 39; go to attack Rebuke back in & # 39; That's how long (how long do we need to store this? It's a sense that we've been there with every time that shows another view), In his conversation with Michonne, I should make it clear to her what her authority has meant. In fact, it does a bad job to & # 39; Given its case that offers its services in "keeping people in line" that it seems that it has changed its modes – but to & # 39 ; Call out how everyone was looking at his / her; The community was a long-standing democracy and was imperially dominant. She does not just trust him (that is why Judith took care that Michonne had changed to Alexandria's security chief to reconsider her situation), which means that There seems to be no way to do & # 39; Find out, at least, if Michonne does not join a group to launch the market and the fighting. That is a situation that may require specific Negan knowledge.

The other Alexandria has been as simple as they are. coming: Rosita is pregnant with a Siddiq child but he wants to be with Gabriel, Gabriel is not sure she should promise her and her child, and Eugene (who is in love with Rosita) Give a little feeling to Gabriel and remember if she likes Rosita, who's going to do it? worry about anything else. He uses it as something more fierce, but Josh McDermitt continues both influencing the influence of flat Eugene and his uncertain love to Rosita in a way that is in his way. manage to sell most of this content by clicking on it. stress the humor. If the exhibition wants to make these images, it's good, as long as If they are not a burden, instead we continue to work more like the stories we are doing; expects to invest time and energy.

Talk about things we do not want to spend time and energy, Henry gets his dumb ass at the same time; arrested by the "Whisperers" when he goes to try Lydia's "rescue" from her people. At this time, the kid is very useful as McGuffin to move Daryl from place to place. And Daryl rescues really, when he has been fighting with Connie at the time of the pedestrian attack at home Whisperers with one of their independent masks, Henry and Lydia were caught, and just went off like Alpha; trying to prove her to stab Henry – do not see if some of the "unfortunate" feelings were on the way.

The scenes that show life among those who are living in the world. It is becoming increasingly interesting than much of what we've been getting from our heroes in the second half of the nine season. The live-out-fittest signal that has been influenced by those people has been a great deal. do for an interesting insight, and the series in which a person is challenging Alpha for her; Let's manage their people; Provide better access to the minds of the activists and letting Alpha causes violent hardness, first and foremost; recognizing that the man's lover was to be restored, and then cut off the wife's head with a radiation device and handed it to the man, before he caught hold. It was awful, poor, and moving. It may be time to grow deeper for this passive community: things are happening; become fascinating again.

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