The female Brains can be at the same time as people according to the terms of metabolism: study

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Women seem to be older than men, at least one key step. That is one of the main trends in a new study of the Washington University Medicine School in St. Louis. The researchers found that if you look at a male and female brain of the same religious age, there will appear to be a female brain around three years younger, they say in a press release. The difference is consistent from living in the early years, reporting on KeeperIn the West In investigating more than 200 adults under the brain, the researchers showed brain metabolism – how effective & The brains were capable of converting sugar to fuel that keeps the brain. Regular women were better.

Algorithm consistently thought that the female brakes were slightly younger than ever, Live Science notes. Compared to that, the same algorithm thought that the soldiers were not; younger than a little older than they were. "This tells us that a genre affects the brain, hospitality and metabolicism," said author Manu Goyal, each CNN. The researchers do not know why this is a case, but if future surveys are able to take forward the response, this may help to diagnose brain diseases medium like Alzheimer's. (Female shinty may have a degree when it comes to features such as self-control and focus.)

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