BALTIMORE – Lamar Jackson was defeated when he started the ravens to start quarterback. Thanks to him as part of his performance, the Ravens ran to 5-5 on the 24-21 season win over the Bengals tour.

Here are three things we learned from the first start of Lamar Jackson:

1. Jackson is a brilliant athlete but a sub-traveler … for now

Jackson gave a great welcome when he got the field for his first Sunday afternoon. His athletics all over the world helps deer fans to hope their team will start for a while. Without a doubt, Jackson showed that it was very fast, to eliminate a problem and a strong competitive fire. He gave him the Bengals when he went on for 117 rods on 27 behaviors, and he helped to reduce his threat to his teams, including running back to Gus Edwards, who moved for 115 yards and his / her; attacking 17 attempts.

But while Jackson welcomes something we have not seen from quarterback from the year of Robert Griffin III's year in Washington in 2012, the raven is a remain restricted. Jackson finished with just 150 yards passing and translating 13 of 19 attempts.

Baltimore did a good job to try to & # 39; simple things for Jackson. But the face of a crime team is worse, Jackson needs to take an extra responsibility as a traveler if he is to succeed as a starting point.

Jackson showed some amazing rewards. There were times when he traveled away from defensors and dropped down strikes when broadcasting down. And at times, the fasteners who were tested to him were a bit silly. But you could say it was covered with a & # 39; primary school.

2. Flacco should recover his position when he is healthy

As Jackson is restricted as a traveler, the Fiets should go back to Joe Flacco once and again, if they want to argue for a wildcard.

This crime is not stable. Maybe it's OK next week against the Raiders. But the challenge will be confirmed next week against Matt Ryan and the Falcons and against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Jackson is not ready to get into football with either of these taxes.

How Jackson continues to & # 39; play, it should be comfortable with the NFL concepts going through the attack and the defensive schemes it will. And Marty Mornhinweg's attack co-ordinator can work better on playing the play activity to create lesser opportunities for Baltimore crime. But at 5-5, the ravens still hope for the playoffs, so it's not time to turn to Jackson just because it's a while; represents the future. Flacco may have confirmed that there is a decline, but it still gives more opportunity for this crime to work as a pro-attack, and for that, it should be a starting point.

3. Cincinnati has real problems

Early in the year, the Bengals looked like a team that could be a challenge. The crime was taking points behind effective trips from Andy Dalton, and their protection was in place; get rid of her & # 39; step by step. But things have changed dramatically since then.

It was difficult for Dalton and Co. the ball was moved on Sunday, and the defense did not attack many on the wall. The love of salvation was something that the Ravens did not trust Jackson to go out. The defense co-ordinator of Teryl Austin, and the greatest role that was taken by Marvin Lewis's cousin coach, had nothing to do with this unit. Yes, there are two of the three main pages within Cricketati required by its railcars, but this unit needs to be in a position; play better yet. Jackson is very fast, but the Bengals looked very unhappy for the concepts that were often read by Jackson and the Ravens.

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