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The MLB with Cuba will be abolished by Trump Administration

The Cuba national team will be released to the field by children as they are introduced before playing a performance match against the Tampa Bay Rays at Estado Latinoamericano in Havana, Cuba on 22 March 2016. t US President Barack Obama attended the game after becoming the first president to visit Cuba in 88 years. T (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

The administration of Trump terminated four months between the Football League's Premier League and the Cuban Cuban Federation of Federation, saying the alliance was part of the Cuban government and trade was illegal under the current law.

The news came less than two weeks after the start of the 2019 football season, and just days after the consortium signed out of 34 Cuba players they announced that they were worthy to sign up with the Baseball Base League. It was thought that some of these players would be added and played this year.

Firstly, it was negotiated by the administration of Obama and it was intended that the agreement of Cuba players would help to escape Cuba risk and forced to release their citizenship in the States. T United States.

Under the agreement, players were allowed to sign a 100% signature, and the MLB clubs would pay a further 25% of that subscription as a distribution tax. The players would also have to pay a Cuba income tax on foreign employment.

Trump's chief executive said the Cuba government included the "trafficking" trade.

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