The Neighbors will call a copan on a contaminated man, and # 39; try to capture her & # 39; police.


Maryland's good work led to the help of a fierce neighbor when he was arrested in an event, critics criticize him; calls a clear case of clan design.

A viral video that was posted to Instagram shows 23 years of age Samir Ahmed was arrested by four police officers in Montgomery County in response to a call about a man who was a drug that needed medical help. In the section, a number of neighbors are heard in Washington's bank calling to the # 39; Police have the wrong person, but an officer finds out that Ahmed is a man.

Samaritan is a good catch
Samir Ahmed was responsible for executing officers. stop behavior and antisocial behavior, among other taxes. (Adoption of YouTube video)

"Indeed, he helped the affected person," there is a man who is in a position; recording 17 events in November. "Why do you keep it going?"

"He's staying here! This is our neighbor!" A woman is aboard. "It is not affected. The unexpected man was on the floor here. Why do not you help the person who needs help? "

How angry witnesses continue to & # 39; Emphasizing officials for Ahmed's detention, one of the answers to the officer, "We do not respond to you," and his. going on to face the person's shoes on the back of the car.

Remembering those events of that day, Tell Ahmed to WUSA 9 he came home 11:15 a.m. and found a person with a drink passing the & # 39; front garden. According to Instagram's post, he raised the man and walked home. The young man said that police met him when he returned home, because someone had 911 confirmed for the person who helped him.

"A person who was out there was ignorant. He helped the man," there is a man in the video and # 39; explained.

It did not last for several minutes heated back with neighbors who explained why Ahmed was arrested: "What I know now, and I'm sorry. , going to solve the rest of the station, they are coming here for a fire rescue profession and this person happened to be in the district and the officer welcomed the arrival of a marijuana. "

Marijuana has suspected his / her suspicion of his / her case; police officer to find Ahmed, but law enforcement officers said he refused and gave them a hard time. The young man was arrested after arresting antisocial arrest and behavior, among other taxes, according to WUSA 9.

Ahmed Ahmed said he had a bit of marijuana, and he said he did not mention him.

"That little bit I did not even know," he said to HuffPost.

Ahmed, who is black, said he believed that things had become quite different if he was white, arguing that he was "really aware" that an "important race" was arrested .

"Because I know if I was healthy with blue eyes that he would not get involved," he said.

Ahmed said he knows at least three neighbors who have made grievances against the Montgomery County Police Department.

He has his first court appearance for January.

Watch more in the video below.

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