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The NFL paid for $ 10M to resolve Colin Kaepernick's complaints

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, the NFL stars who announced the withdrawal of league teams after defending complaints during the national livelihood will receive less than $ 10 million. T for the settlement of allegations under the league, subject to all previous recipients of the contract. .

The secret agreement was marked out as a major asset to the players. But the settlement is much lower than tens of millions of dollars that Mr Kaepernick, in particular, might be susceptible to had his complaint come. It could not be decided how the money is allocated between the players and what net they will be after legal fees.


Mr Kaepernick, an old San Francisco 49ers quarterback, and Mr Reid, the safety, said they had been brought into the league after they were driving a shift of complaints – usually on their knees or thigh on a fist. T – by the national hymn to raise awareness of social issues and racial inequality. Mr MacDonald did. Kaepernick, who has now been anonymous with the last two series, has been convicted of his complaint in 2017. Mr Reid continued last year and was signed by Carolina Panthers further afield. the 2018 season.

The NFL spokesperson refused to comment. A lawyer for Messrs Kaepernick and Reid said that they are honoring the confidentiality agreement of the agreement.

The leagues and lawyers for the players didn't mention the terms of their contract last year when they announced the individual complaints procedure. The parties said the agreement was subject to confidentiality agreement and there would be no more party views. Details of the settlement were held tightly amongst a few league officers and Mr's agents. Kaepernick.


If Mr Kaepernick had been made a winner, his league joint negotiation agreement with his players would have been guaranteed up to three linked tours that resulted in a referee from the result of the disagreement. . If the market value of Mr Kaepernick was estimated at a total of $ 30 million over both seasons he was stabbed – tag football prices to play his player – he could get $ 90 million from the regulation.

This story continues in the Wall Street Journal.

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