The Texas lawyer says he has no worry about measuring his / her disease; antibiotic breaks

The Texas state lawyer praised that he has not been worried about recent herbage around the country because antibiotics virus infection.

The Texas State Representative Bill Zedler (R) made the Tuesday submission to Texas Observer and said that he had a crusher case when he was up, before he had been vaccinated.

"They want to say that people die on a hedgehog," he told the Observer. "Sure, in third-country countries they die on a hedgehog. Today, with antibiotics and that type of material, they do not die in America. "

Since its inception, vaccines for measles have been very effective. The CDC does not estimate only about 2 to 5 per cent of children who receive their / vaccine within the first 12 month contract infringement.

Antibiotics, which are used to cure diseases, are not effective in viruses.

A few months ago a measles have received national attention with a number of issues reported in Washington.

The motion that is increasingly aggravated against its & # 39; A vaccine that finds room in a number of social media areas is covered as one of the reasons for increasing the & # 39; measles.

The eight millennium cases were recorded in Texas this year, according to the Department of State Health Services.

Currently, the legislation of Texas is considering a bill that would give parents a better chance of finding out about the vaccine's freedom for their children in schools. Zedler is reported as support for the bill.

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