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There are wild filmmakers stating that Us & # 39; away from Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) – It's Us & # 39; where he has seen the most popular film in the country and he says that this is the highest rehearsal weekend for a sudden film.

The film was filmed at the Santa Cruz Beachroom Boardroom.

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Since it was released on Friday, many turn to social media trying to stay away from Santa Cruz as a result, because of the fear of watching the film.

Sadie Satanas lives over the boardwalk and says that she knows all the places where director Jordan Peele was registered.

"Being a life-long fan (film), you can think that my prey is watching my doors, seeing Jordan Peele filming his brand new film in front of my house," Satanas. "It was terrible."

She says that the film is scary but that he finds that all the judges are very sad.

“When people said our town had been stopped, I thought that was quite funny!

The film focuses on a holiday family on Santa Cruz, and attacking speakers, which is better said to the bad body.

Locally, many feel the joy of local tourism.

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"The first film was made on a Friday night, and we had a really strong weekend … especially at the immersed lullabies," said Kris Reyes, with a Santa Cruz Beach amphitheater.

Christina Glynn, with the group visiting Santa Cruz, says, "I believe it does, it might reach audiences that would not have come to Santa Cruz. "

Sheriyan Bradford and Victoria Ocana are both from San Diego and UC Santa Cruz tours. They say they are not afraid, but they say that all the hype add to it on the board board.

"If you are having a big impact on the films I would say I'd stay away. But that's not the same kind of person. I came back, even after the film," Bradford said. By referring to the film, it just adds, "I did not see anyone like me. I should be fine!"

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