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We know that Sonos would make a foreign speaker for a while. The next logical step was; there. And today, we got to see exactly what that was. No, kind of. A company, in partnership with Sonance, said a well-known audio-visual company for its speakers within its " wall and interior, the Sonos Architectural by Sonance. In particular, Sonos will be selling Sonans speakers, or a "collection of pastoral speakers installed for internal and external use," made to special to work with the Sonos Amp ($ 599). They are not just Sonos speakers but they work as one.

The new collection is made up remote speakers, which will not work as the traditional speakers of Sonos on their own. Instead of submitting them, connecting them to wi-fi, and then prompted through the Sonos app, the speakers in the Sonos Architectural collection need to be a Sonance collection restrict Sonos Amp to work. Also, they need to be installed professionally. Sonos Architectural has three types of speakers with Sonance: Sonos In-Wall le Sonance ($ 599 / pair), Sonos In-Ceiling with Sonance ($ 599 / pair), and Sonos Outdoor le Sonance ($ 799 / pair ). Weather speakers have a climate planning, which means, according to Sonos, they will have no problem in handling "humidity, water, salt, heat, UV rays, and frosty temperatures."

Up to this point, you could be together any one advanced speakers with Sonos Connect: Amp (no Connection) for integration into your home Sonos system. This is a great difference here, according to Sonos, that "Sonos Amp will be automatedly identifiable for architectural speakers and make the best results to make a sound of its & # 39; box. " In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers are also third-party tuning compatible with TruePlay tuning technology. And since Sonos has been selling the speakers on their website, they will be able to guide you through the purchase process; from Sonos's online support chat room that answers you questions (staff in the resource can do the same thing) to organize professional installers – Sonos will walk through the whole process.

Sonos and Sonance are the first time Sonos has collaborated with another audio company. For example, Sonos and Pro-Ject created a variety of vinyl starter devices – Pro-Ject and one or more Sonos speakers, such as the "Vinyl Set". Once the speakers are added to the Amp, they will work as any other Sonos speakers; you can control them through AirPlay 2, or directly convert music from Spotify, Google Play Music or Amazon Music. It's good for users who are trying to simply spread the Sonos talk system (and unfortunately) through their home, even though it is not good enough for the person- Speaking outside Sonos was a lot of hope. For this reason, we still have to wait.

You can make the Sonos In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers pre-ordered today on the Sonos website, and will be available everywhere on February 26. It is expected that foreign speakers will be released sometime in April.

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