This is the Ohio State Week for Michigan, last


ANN ARBOR – Both teams play each other during the same week every season, but it seems likely to reach it longer this year.

& Maybe due to & # 39; Notre Dame's Michigan Week 1 lost early doubts. Some of the national radio programs were interviewed by Jim Harbaugh and who were really suited to Michigan.

Others questioned whether the Wolverines were still a mini-adult football program. There is a 1-5 record over the three seasons ahead of the Michigan State and Ohio State, then losing Notre Dame's opponents, able to make people worst. Undoubtedly, Michigan had been surrendering on the way, but for what?

Now, about 10 games after that, the Wolverines fourth grade has given relatives to the defendants. They have been composing for their & # 39; This seven-point loss defeated the Fighting Irish, which continues to face opposition to the left and right.

"We are in a playoff mode – and we're in our mind right now," said Jim Harbaugh on Saturday night, after his team's 31-20 win over Indiana. "Playoff is a great" win. The benefits of the ten teams at the end of November are huge. So we are proud of our team. "

The early signs are good for Berkley Edwards, Chase Winovich, Michigan

The easy option was not; in the latest impact. Michigan (10-1, 8-0 Big Ten) fell behind for the first time in more than a month when the Hoosiers got to visit her; first quarter, which included the Wolverines on hold – but to & # 39; confirming that they had come to play.

In fact, this is a & # 39; The first time the Wolverines got that feeling from 29 September, when Northwestern jumped to a 17-0 victory, which made Michigan a get 20 pounds. There were none of that Saturday night against the Indiana – but the point remained the same.

"We did not do as well as we wanted twice," said he returned to Karan Higdon, which started 21 hours for rod 101 and touchdown. "Some of our balls were falling, and we can not do that. But I really like to be happening now the next week."

The biggest game of the year is on the Michigan timetable here, on the Ohio State road on the next Saturday, November 24, a date on which to be distributed to many of the people since The last two played this November. Part longer.

It's been almost seven years since the last time Michigan hit the Buckeyes, which has been over the season series, indeed, for almost 20 years now. He won the prize at Wolverines in Columbus in 2000. When the last two teams played there, he came to an end in a controversial way.

ESPN & # 39; College GameDay & # 39; to Columbus for Michigan State Ohio

"Everyone around the country knows what this week," said Rashan Gary, Michigan defender. "We know what this week is. So we're going to attack it. It's been a whole year of bad news in our mouth."

This time, however, the promises are built. Both teams join the 10-1 game and appear to be rated in the top 10 of the football football recordings. Wins to send one team to a Big Ten, 1d vs. play. Northwestern, and may be a place in the four-team playground. The person who lost himself may be found to play on the Day of the Year & New.

Although there is a good reward for the second time, Michigan believes that it has come too long and has been too hard for a & # 39; look at the season. The team accepted Chase Winovich's "trivial ride", while winning over Wisconsin, State Michigan and Penn State – influencing the Wolverines, and some of the last seasons.

Players and coaches are openly speaking about the desire to go to # 39; hitting in Ohio State. But this season, everyone involved seems like they play for something else. Yes, winners across the Bragans, Spaniards and Nittany Lion are nice. Benefits across the Buckeyes would be even better.

The approach is similar to the business – to & # 39; Handling every game like this is your ultimate focus, possibly as possible as possible as possible as possible as possible as possible – in Columbus

"I do not know exactly when it was like to start," said Harbaugh. "But it's been about a short time now. It's the real football nature of the college. At least when the Big Ten season started."

Michigan players played the worst of effects & # 39; dirty Indiana

Perhaps that is the biggest difference between last year's team and this one, Doctor Brown's co-ordinator named Don Brown announced before this season. Whenever adversely affected in 2017, a young, well-known group was hit; struggling to resist the heat. Some of the players play a lot of weight.

This group did not show it anyway. & Maybe due to & # 39; Everyone is older and comfortable. Probably due to Shea Patterson. But three times now – once at Notre Dame, second at Northwestern, and again on Saturday – Michigan has been disturbed from a slow start and loss and can set up above.

Of course, the loss of Week 1 was lost, but players and coaches seemed unlikely to have been at the end. Instead, he was a catalyst; there. For the non-conference benefits across West Michigan and South Methodist.

For Big Ten to recover Nebraska and Northwestern, Maryland and Wisconsin. State of Michigan. State of Penn. Rutgers. And now Indiana.

Come Saturday (Sunday, FOX), Michigan hopes not only to bend that screw; went to Ohio State, but his first thing is happening in larger and better things. Can they do it? Based on what we have seen from these two teams up to now over 10 games, there is a reason to believe that Michigan is capable.

Is it?

"Go to the next game," said Harbaugh. "Going to a big game. Go to the festival game."

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