Thousands are back to the Big 12 to help rebuild Kansas: & # 39; We bring Jayhawk Football & # 39;

Les Miles has gone back to top 12 and another major rebuilding, which includes a & # 39; Kansas-based deprivation program in splashy rent that aims to strengthen the base of solid fans.

His contract was completed shortly before Miles arrived at the airport in Topeka, near Sunday. Thousands of five-year contract paid for $ 2,775,000 for each year with bonus bonuses of $ 775,000 paid in November 2020 and $ 500,000 in November 2022.

"From the beginning of our research, we focused on identifying and employing a well-known head of directors with the success of and from the field," said Kansas's renewable director Jeff Long, in a statement. "Les Miles is just what we need now."

It was thought that there were thousands for Jayhawks' work since the time David Peutaidh told him he would not have been retained two weeks ago. Thousands of 65-year-olds have a strong relationship with Long who went back with them in Michigan, and Miles had told the people around him he wanted to return in a coach.

Miles and Long had been in regular communication over the last two weeks, and it became clear that there was a close contract when LSU announced Thursday and, # 39; agree to purchase with its & # 39; former coach. Approximately thousands of half-sum of $ 1.5 million of the remaining $ 6.5 million were ordered under purchase terms.

The school has planned a starter news conference for Sunday longer.

"I'm excited by KU football program management and I'm grateful for Girod and Jeff Long, Chancellor (Doug) for the chance," said Miles. "We bring back Jayhawk Football and we will do it with special coaches, fascinating athletes of character and ability and untreated driving for excellence. My family can not and I'm going to do it; Waiting to be part of the KU family. "

Thousands of thousands have gone out of training since 2016, when it was burned by LSU after the 2-2 start. His support among Tiger fans had declined dramatically in just a few years, although Miles won at least 10 games in seven of the 11 seasons, he reached twice the national game for title and hit Ohio State for the 2007 competition. It was 114-34 at LSU.

The critics claimed that Miles had not been able to keep up with the times, to keep an unsafe attack. going out and was increasingly growing in the form of the college's football football attack.

Miles had won an owner when LSU was selected for Nick Saban to be successful in 2005, but it was determined by Oklahoma State that he could also build a program.

The Cowboys had only one success in 12 years before Miles, their program was similar in shape similar to the Jayhawks. But the long-term college and the assistant in his first work have been successful, and Find some unexpected scenes, develop and reach three arcade games just. He was 28-21 at Oklahoma State.

"I have no doubt that Coach Miles will have a small impact on our football program and at our university," said Girod. "Together with Jayhawks, we will reconstruct our football program in the right way, win competitions and continue to graduate young people of a character. "

The Jayhawks do not have a successful season that they did not reach a bubble game since 2008, a year before Mark Mangino was forced to retire under pressure. Turner Gill won five games over two seasons before burning, and Charlie Weis made his two-season bonuses before being released.

Before that time, the program had been a laugh at the Big 12.

The Jayhawks were very harsh about scholarships, their resources were reduced, their fan-of-the-art enthusiasm was growing and it seemed to have little interest in supporting football. The Beaty contract was well behind its peers financially, and he did not have much money in his job for hiring coaches and other administrators.

Long has promised to correct those questions, even saying that $ 300 million has been redeveloped for the Remembrance to be placed on the long-term backup & Money was invested in the program itself.

The first money and most important investment came into the head coach.

Thousands of $ 15.125 million would be allowed to fulfill their five year contract. It can also win a series of incentives: $ 1 million to reach & # 39; national title game; $ 350,000 for playoff round; $ 100,000 for six New Year matches; $ 100,000 for making the Big 12 title game; and $ 75,000 for any other game. Miles can also win $ 50,000 for the 12 and the national coach of the year, $ 15,000 for someone who won the Broyles prize, and up to $ 50,000 for the team's GPA.

Its contract also includes a one-year one-year extension that is encouraged by sending it up to date. win six games in season, and benefits such as country club membership and moving costs.

The Jayhawks, who lost the Oklahoma in the sixth day on Saturday on Saturday until Beaty has a 6-31 record in three seasons, finishing his & her; their year before their previous coach on Friday against Texas.

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