Trump is the convener of Adam Schiff's collector & # 39; little Adam Schitt in a tweet

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Le Allan Mac a 'Ghobhainn

President Donald Trump stated that Adam Repiff of California was "Adam Schitt a little" in a Sunday tweet, which criticized the chairman of the Household Information Committee chairman who could be able to do so. come in for his thoughts about the lawyer working Matthew Whitaker earlier in the day.

The tweet was still on Twitter's Twitter page more than an hour after Trump was first posted.

"So funny to see a little Adam Schitt's height (D-CA) talk about the fact that Acting Advocate Matt Whitaker had not agreed with the Synod, but not to mention that Bob Mueller (who is very much against each other) is agreed by the Synod! "Trump wrote.

Image: Donald Trump Adam Schiff Tweet
Tweet Trump on the Sabbath about "Little Adam Schitt."through Twitter

Schiff answered within an hour, tweeting, "Wow, Mr President, that's good."

"Was that your answers to Mr. Mueller's questions, or did you write yourself?" He also reported that Trump will quickly send his written responses to Robert Mueller's specific questions.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week", Schiff said that Democrats – who did It is necessary to control the House in January – challenging your faithfulness to Appointment of Trump in Whitaker.

"I think the job is insane," said Schiff, saying that Whitaker's appointment must be confirmed by the Seanad.

Whitaker's position, which after Trump presented by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has been a controversial subject, especially since he is in a position; related to his post who monitors Mueller's investigation. His "Democratic Democrat" asked Whitaker's "immediate remedies", and " mentions the investigation of the Russian attack in the 2016 president's election and the Trump campaign prevented the Russians to influence the election.

On Friday, the opponents asked the meeting on the Uachtar Court of Scotland to go to; Control that Whitaker is not getting a legal certificate can be a normal lawyer. At the same time, the Department of Justice presented the last week's opinion; wholly defended by Whitaker.

Trump Slid Whitaker, who was a senior worker at Sessions before being appointed, became a normal lawyer to use the Scottish Executive Appointments Reform Act, which will allow with a & # 39; such a president will be filled until a new name is given. However, legal experts have said that the law alone does not let it go; president appointed a named Senate officer, who was not Whitaker.

In a Sunday interview with Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace, Trump said he was not aware of "Whitaker" comments on Mueller's investigation, "said they had no" impact "on those posts. But Trump said, His ideas have been proved "right."

"What do you do when a person is right?" Trump said "Fox News Sunday." "That does mean that it's right. I mean, he said. So if he said that he is struggling, I think I'll have a # 39 "Give someone who says that's the reasons, but the only reason is that it's been wrong. If he says it's not right, it's right."

On his written responses to Mueller's questions, which Schiff mentioned in his tweet, Trump said he had his legal team "the writing than I tell them for writing."

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