What you donate with the DNA tests in that home

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With Maggie Fox

It is likely that there is such a volunteer holiday grant: a DNA test that tells your spouse whether it is true American Native American ancestors; or a person who is committed to making a perfect diet for a friend based on his genius.

Home DNA surveys tend to be a major retailer for the next few weeks, but privacy experts say consumers should be careful. Last year Chuck Schumer called New York Sen. a Federal Commerce Commission "will look forward to this new type of service and ensure that these companies have clear and fair policies."

It is the problem, when you put away a tube of your spit or a swab swab, you give your full genetic code. All that little girl swab all will hold the entire DNA series, and # 39; including the pattern of its definition that makes it especially with you.

"The most valuable thing you are," says Patrick Pitts of the Public Interest Medicine Center, an unplanned advocacy group.

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